Auroville Village Action Trust

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Trust details

This is the trust that holds all activities aimed at development and support of society beyond Auroville.

Units registered under the trust

  • Village Action Group – the original organisation, is currently focussed on women's empowerment, community development, microfinance with both women and men. Working in about 60 villages, covering a population of about 1 lakh.
  • Life Education Centre – a small vocational training programme for village young women, with a strong individual development programme for each girl
  • Auroville Industrial School – a technical training institute, preparing village youth for employment in the computer and administrative sectors through certificate courses
  • Mohanam – a cultural centre in the village of Sanjeevinagar , runs a kindergarten and various other programmes, in both education and crafts, to revitalise the culture of the village
  • Auroville Health Services – a programme aimed at researching the health challenges in the villages and coming up with and applying innovative solutions
  • Deepam – a day school for handicapped village children, providing a full spectrum of remedial treatment and support
  • Thamarai – a community centre for women and children in the village of Edayachavadi with various programmes for children and women, collaborating with the local youth, and hosting a local energy healing centre.
  • Martuvam Healing Forest – a programme that cultivates local medicinal herbs and in so doing also cultivates the well being of orphans, local healers and artisans.
  • Reach for the stars! - A project for financing higher education of youth from the villages around Auroville.