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Auroville Safety and Security Team (AVSST) aims to ensure the safety and security of Aurovilians, guests and visitors. It can be contacted 24/7 in case of emergency on 944-309-0107.

Incidents such as harassment, aggression or accidents on the roads as well as thefts and loss of passport/documents should be immediately reported to the emergency numbers above or in person to the office in the Town Hall 9.30am-12.30pm, 2.30-4.30pm, tel 0413-2623400.

  • AVSST is in charge of the security guards who patrol our roads 24/7, and coordinates Aurovilian volunteers who go out on patrolling duties.
  • It controls and monitors the entry of traffic into Auroville through checkposts/entry points.
  • It provides an evening escort service for persons travelling alone up to 10.00pm (call one of the emergency numbers).
  • It provides liaison with the police when reports of theft or other offences have to be registered.
  • It helps with the registration of birth and death certificates with the local authorities.
  • It provides professional victim counselling especially to women.

It was originally intended that security in Auroville would be taken care of by young Aurovilian volunteers (“a battalion of athletes and gymnasts” as Mother saw it). The Auroville Safety and Security Team aspires to work towards that.

Articles from AVSSTYear
News & Notes 733:CCTV System on Auroville roads2018
News & Notes 641:Security Service2016
News & Notes 644:Final Report of Outgoing Auroville Security Service2016


  • Emergency line (24/7): 944-309-0107
  • Vehicle access / check-post entry requests: 948-875-2435
  • Office phone: 0413-262-3400
  • Office location: Town Hall
  • Office hours: Monday - Saturday 9.30am-12.30pm, 2.30-4.30pm
  • Email: avsecurity (at)

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