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Auroville Radio aspires to share with the world the vision and the ideals of Auroville, the rich potential in the variety of people drawn to live and work here, the countless and numerous skills and experience they bring. Auroville Radio is a member of the Community Radio Forum and OneWorld Radio Network.

The Auroville Radio:

  • Records, collects and makes available many of the workshops, conferences and meetings held in Auroville.
  • Creates ad-hoc programs containing information and interviews with Aurovilians and with experts who share their experience in different fields.
  • Produces artistic programs using recorded music, voice acting and sound effects.
  • Explores and develops an ethic in communication for creating and sustaining links between people of different cultures.
  • Trains Aurovilians, Auroville children, students and volunteers in production of programs.
  • Prepares specific workshops and projects.


  • Location: Town Hall (ground floor)
  • Email: radio (at)
  • Phone: 262-3331

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Programs with wiki pagesYear
Soul Tracks2020
Loretta reads Mother's Questions and Answers2018
Marlenka reads The Synthesis of Yoga2017
Night Conscious Learning2019
Death and Transformation - Talk 1 (Radio program)2019
Death and Transformation - Talk 2 (Radio program)2019
Yoga Nidra audios2019
The Colibri Project2019
The Finding of the Soul – Savitri's Yoga, Part 2 (Radio program)2018
Spiritual Life and the Sexual Instinct (Radio program)2018
Plans for Creating Auroville (Radio program)2018
Adverse Forces on the path of Yoga (Radio program)2018
Integral Health and Healing (Radio program)2018
Loretta reads Savitri2018
Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits Auroville (Radio program)2018
Youth Safety and Wellbeing with Kaliananda on Purna Shakti (Radio program)2018
The Finding of the Soul – Savitri's Yoga, Part 1 (Radio program)2018
Architect Suhasini Ayer (Radio program)2017
An interview with Nishtha (Radio program)2017
The Next Big Leap for Auroville - interview with Frederick (Radio program)2017
Psychological Difficulties on the Spiritual Path (Radio program)2017
The Coming of the New Force part 1 (Radio program)2017
The Coming of the New Force part 2 (Radio program)2017
A talk with Shraddhavan (Radio program)2017
Heidi Watts ‒ Democratic Classrooms (Radio program)2017
The Science of the Environment (Radio program)2017
Let's Use the Aura (Radio program)2012
Conversation with Aikido Masters (Radio program)2012
Talk for Tibetan students (Radio program)2012
The Creation of the Aura (Radio program)2012
The Future of the Soul (Radio program)2011
Transformation for Fourth Graders (Radio program)2011
The Origin of Creation (Radio program)2011
Talks on Transformation (Radio program)2011
The New Being (Radio program)2011
Sri Aurobindo's Vision of our Earth (Radio program)2011
The Supramental Ship (Radio program)2011
Finding the Psychic Being (Radio program)2010
A spiritual gardener (Radio program)2009
Declaration of Love (Radio program)2009
AIR 1968 Auroville Inauguration1968

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