Auroville News 771-772:Statement from the Development Group about our policy

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Auroville News 771-772 icon.jpg   Auroville News 771-772
30 December 1998

Statement from the Entity::Development Group about our policy

Master Plan

In 1994 the Development Group presented the outlines of the Master Plan for Auroville based on the “Galaxy Concept” to the Residents Assembly.

In several meetings many different aspects of this Master Plan were discussed in great detail. While the RA did not agree on every aspect of the proposal a consensus on the broad outlines was reached as follows:

  1. The Galaxy concept is the basis for the Master Plan for Auroville, including the four zones and the Green Belt and their location.
  2. The Crown Road
  3. The outer ring road
  4. Radials will interconnect the Outer Ring Road and the Crown Road

Subsequently this concept was presented to the Governing Board and ratified.

After this fundamental decision had been made it has been the basis for our planning and development. Particularly in planning the infrastructure like telephone, electricity, water and roads it is essential to follow a comprehensive concept. Whether the Outer Ring Road and all the Radials will be realized to their maximum extent has not been finalized. Some sections may never become more than cycle paths, but nonetheless they will provide the right of way for all underground infrastructure that may be required. Therefore it is essential to keep these infrastructure pathways clear of any construction and also to plant trees rather along the sides on left and right, than on top.

In some cases the exact location of the radial is still under discussion and will be finalized when more detailed planning for the particular area becomes necessary.


Whenever a new planning aspect for a particular area comes up, we extensively discuss it with all people that may be concerned, including future project holders, neighbors, and other groups, and finally we publish it in the News tor feedback.

It is one of the most difficult tasks of the DG to see that due respect is given to the personal concerns of people involved, but to also see that the overall interests of Auroville in regard to proper development and planning are maintained. (Often these two are conflicting).

The members of the Development Group (Amrit, Anna, Anandi, Dilip, FrancoisGa, Jan, Jacques T., Joss, Kaniapan, Luigi, Mani, Neie) represent different working groups, activities and philosophies. Some contribute through their technical knowledge in the fields of architecture, engineering and botanic, other through their intimate knowledge of Auroville. The DG is an ‘open group’, anybody who is willing to attend on a regular basis is welcome and can participate in the ‘decision making process’. We consider this our basis for a differentiated view of ‘the overall interest of AuroviIIe’.


The DG has been in existence since 1982 and although the membership has changed over the years it has continued functioning without interruption.

The foremost responsibility of the DG lies towards the Resident's Assembly. Organizations outside Auroville like FWE and Stichting De Zaaier who have been providing major funding for our activities receive regular reports from us.

Auroville has also received considerable donations towards land purchase and the DG allocates the newly purchased lands to new land stewards. This implies that the land is properly utilized and developed according to the aims and plans of Auroville.