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The Auroville Foundation is Auroville's legal entity. It has three authorities: the Governing Board, the International Advisory Council and the Residents Assembly.

The Governing Board has overall responsibility for the ongoing development of Auroville in keeping with its aims and ideals. It is composed of a number of eminent individuals, mostly Indian nationals, as well as ex-officio Indian Government officers.

The International Advisory Council has the function of advising the Governing Board on matters relating to management and development of the township. It is normally composed of five outstanding individuals of high international repute, usually from different nations.

The Residents Assembly comprises all residents of Auroville on the Master List over the age of 18. This body monitors the various activities of Auroville, decides on the terms of its membership, and is responsible for evolving and implementing a Master Plan for Auroville’s future development in consultation with the Governing Board. It selects a Working Committee as interface with the Governing Board, the Secretary, and the other groups of collective service to Auroville.

There is also a Secretary to the Foundation, appointed by the Government of India, who resides and has an office with supporting staff in Auroville.

Annual report
Auroville Foundation report 2015-16.jpg
PDF (82 pages)
Annual report
Auroville Foundation report 2016-17.jpg
PDF (101 pages)
Annual report
Auroville Foundation report 2017-18.jpg
PDF (104 pages)


  • Location: Auroville Foundation Bhavan, Town Hall
  • Phone: 262-2222, 262-2414, (Accounts) 262-2930
  • Fax: 262-3496, 262-3644
  • Email: avfoundation (at)

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