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(Mother to Satprem, 1961:) “These emanations, conscious of their own power, separated themselves from their Origin; that is, instead of being entirely surrendered to the supreme Will and expressing only [that], they seem to have acquired a sense of personal power. (They were personalities of sorts, universal personalities, each representing a mode of being.) Instead of remaining connected, they cut the link – each acted on his own, to put it simply. Then, naturally, Light became darkness, Life became death, Bliss became suffering and Truth became falsehood. And these are the four great Asuras: the Asura of Inconscience, the Asura of Falsehood, the Asura of Suffering and the Asura of Death.”[1]

(Mother to Satprem, 1961:) “It was not by choice that I met all the four Asuras – it was a decision of the Supreme. The first one, whom religions call Satan, the Asura of Consciousness, was converted and is still at work. The second [the Asura of Suffering] annulled himself in the Supreme. The third was the Lord of Death (that was Théon). And the fourth, the Master of the world, was the Lord of Falsehood; Richard was an emanation, a vibhuti, as they say in India, of this Asura.
         Théon was the vibhuti of the Lord of Death.
         It’s a wonderful story, a real novel, which will perhaps be told one day ... when there are no more Asuras. Then it can be told.”[2]

(Mother to Satprem, 1962:) “That's how it works with the adverse forces – yes, like something being uprooted from the world. Whatever has already spread out keeps going and follows its karma, but the SOURCE is dried up. That's also what happened (it was in 1904, I believe) when the Asura of Consciousness and Darkness made his surrender and was converted; he told me, “I have millions and millions of emanations, and these will keep on living, but their source has now run dry.” How much time will it take to exhaust it all? … We can't say, but the source has dried up and that is something extremely important. In 1920, that terror was trying to spread all over the world and to become really catastrophic; and then in my inner vision I could see that a whole movement had dried up at its source. This means that little by little, little by little, little by little... the karma is being exhausted.”[3]

(Mother to Satprem, 1963:) “I had told you, you remember, how that great Asura (who in fact was the first born; it's for him that I had built a subtle body) had said he was going to China and that China's revolution (a long time ago!) would signal the beginning of the work of transformation of the earth. Those things are like milestones on a road, and the Chinese revolution was like the first milestone, opening up the road. Well, Kennedy's assassination is one of those signs, one of the landmarks – I've been told this.


I remember having asked, “But the earth, the human earth, is it really still so tamasic that it needs tragic events of the sort to awaken its consciousness?...” And I was answered, “Still far more tamasic than you think.”
         The intelligences that have emerged into a higher light are like stars scattered over a perfectly dark sky – perfectly dark.”[4]

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