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(Mother:) “There are many planets which are moving around. When a soul takes birth, it passes through certain planets at that time, and it feels their effect. There are, of course, vital, mental and physical beings to deal with. There are innumerable things but actually nothing is separate. The whole universe is wrapped in One – everything is One.
         Some astrologers calculate times and dates and say things about one's life according to their calculations and intuitions. But they also fail in their prophecies. I met many astrologers in France, in India, in Japan and in Algeria but none could tell anything exactly.
         ... Astrologers are not always perfectly right. Astrology is believed in mostly by ordinary people who do not have much intellectual development.
         Even if astrologers are right, everything can be changed in the spiritual life. Whoever has taken the path of Yoga can change the surroundings and conditions. The horoscope is not binding on the spiritual life.
         The horoscope is for the ordinary world – for worldly people. When you have taken the path of Yoga, the horoscope changes because the Law of the Lord is more powerful than the earthly laws. So when the pressure of the Law comes, the laws of the earth have no value: they become powerless and disappear.”[1]

(Mother:) “The stars have no decisive influence. It is only if one does not believe in the Divine that one unnecessarily suffers by believing that they determine one’s life.
         I have known many astrologers both in Europe and India. So far, nobody has been able to read the future correctly. There are three reasons for the failure. First, the astrologers do not know how to read the future properly. Secondly, the horoscope is always incorrectly made — unless a man is a mathematical genius. And even for such a person it is very difficult to make a correct horoscope. Thirdly, when people say that the stars in this or that house at the time of birth rule your life, they are quite wrong. The stars under which you are born are only ‘tape-recorders’ of physical conditions. They do not rule the future of the soul. There is something beyond, which rules the stars themselves and everything else. The soul belongs to this Supreme Being. And if it is doing Yoga, then all the more it should never believe in the power of the stars or in any other power.
         An astrologer who predicts a catastrophe for you is like a joker. Many jokers say things like, “Today you will break your neck!” But in spite of the joke nothing happens.
         Only a great Yogi can tell you your future correctly. But even then there is the Supreme Will which alone controls and decides everything.”[2]

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