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(Nirodbaran to students, 1970:) “Rajangam was specially appointed by the Mother or Sri Aurobindo to go to the market and buy fish for the cats. And the Mother used to look after these: boil them, take out the bones and feed the cats. Later on, I understand, Sri Aurobindo was given this work! (Laughter)...
         Rajangam had the habit of practising meditation at all times, in all postures: while walking, while sitting... He would meditate! As he was going to the market to buy fish for the cats – riding a bicycle, people have seen him actually dozing. (Laughter) So, Sri Aurobindo said in this context, “But don't meditate when you are going to the market!” ”[1]

  1. Talks by Nirodbaran at Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, December 1969 – July 1970, p.78

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