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Aikiyam School (formerly New Creation School) is a school for children from Auroville's local villages. It serves around 260 children with classes from pre-crèche to grade 8.

The Aikiyam School curriculum includes all of the standard academic subjects as well as art, music, dancing, physical education, computer education, carpentry and crafts. The school also has a program for children with special needs. All tuition, educational supplies, nutritious snacks and mid-day meals are provided free of charge, although parents are asked to donate to the school if they can.

Classes are small and the majority of permanent teachers are Tamil, with a few international teachers as well. The school relies partly on help from international volunteer teachers, especially for developing fluency in English. Since 2005 the school has a management team that works in close collaboration with the school’s principal and teachers.


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  • Location: New Creation
  • Phone: 0413-262-2358, 894-019-3339
  • E-mail: assg (at)

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