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“Yesterday, this ardor of the Flame was there — burning all to offer all. It was absolutely concrete, an intensity of vibrations; I could see the vibrations — all the movements of obscurity and ignorance were cast into that. And I recall a time when I was translating these hymns to Agni with Sri Aurobindo, and Agni was real for me. Well, yesterday it wasn't that, it wasn't the god Agni, it was a STATE OF BEING. It was a state of the Supreme, and as such, it was intimate, clear, intense, vibrant and living.”[1]

“Purani: Does the psychic being develop from birth to birth?

Sri Aurobindo: It is not the psychic being itself that develops. But it guides the evolution of the individual by increasing the psychic element in the nature of the individual.

If the psychic being is a spark of the Divine, then its function is the same as that of the Vedic Agni as ‘the leader of the journey’.

Yes, Agni is the god of the psychic and leads the journey upward.”[2]

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