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Mother's Agenda 1971
December 8, 1971

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December 8, 1971

(Mother gives Satprem a note she has just written.)

“Our human consciousness has windows opening on the Infinite. But generally men keep the windows tightly closed. We must open them wide and let the Infinite penetrate us freely to transform us.
Two conditions are required to open the windows.
1. Ardent aspiration.
2. Progressive abolition of the ego.
The divine help is assured to those who set to work sincerely.”

*       *

(Mother goes on looking above Satprem's head 
as if she were seeing something.
Then she plunges within.)

What did you see?
(Mother shakes her head negatively several times,
then plunges again)

Mother's body as a channel

The work being done is constant. And I see now that the body seems to be used as a ... (what?) a connecting point (gesture like a channel going through Mother), like that. But without its even knowing it. Because the action is very vast, you see — very vast and complex — and the consciousness is not aware of all the details: it only feels the Force working, that's all. And that's constant, day and night, nonstop.

My nights. I don't have the impression of sleeping, but time goes by without my noticing it, like that, simply feeling the Forces going through.... But I don't know what they do — I know they're going through [Mother] and are focused here or there. But I have no curiosity; just the impressions of being very quiet so the process can go on unhindered — so that nothing creates an obstacle to the passing of the forces at work.

And hour after hour, hour after hour, day after day it's like that. With the impression that the time goes by unnoticed. Not long, not....

(Mother goes off)