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The Auroville Council (AVC) has an overall mandate to coordinate the objectives of the working groups of Auroville and to ensure that they function according to their individual mandates. It also helps in their relations with the residents of Auroville and deals with emergency and conflict issues, arranging mediation and arbitration whenever necessary. The AVC is normally composed of up to 9 members, who usually hold office for a period of 2 years, but may be re-appointed.

The AVC works closely with the Auroville Working Committee (WC).

Mandate of the Auroville Council
Auroville Council mandate 2004.jpg
PDF (1 page)
  Auroville Council job description
Auroville Council job description 2020.jpg
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Auroville Council members:
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2022 Balaji, Claudine B., Julia, Philippe, Samrat, Shiva, Shivaya, Suryan, Svenja, (Ganesh, Meenal, Sai Suresh)
2021 Balaji, Claudine B., Ganesh, Meenal, Sai Suresh, Shiva, Shivaya, Suryan
2020 Balaji, Enrica, Ganesh, Jayamurthy, Mouttou, Riju, Shivaya, Vatchala S., (Dan), (Siv)

Reports from the Auroville CouncilYear
News & Notes 930:New formation of the Council2022
News & Notes 929:New members of the five working groups2022
News & Notes 929:Duly appointed RA groups and services2022
News & Notes 927:Status of current FAMC & new email address2022
News & Notes 927:Response to AVCouncil, commment on Auronet (from WC of the Secretary's office)2022
News & Notes 927:New mass bulletin2022
News & Notes 927:Council changes email address2022
News & Notes 926:Email situation in Auroville2022
News & Notes 926:Clarification on WCom and RoR2022
News & Notes 925:Details about upcoming ATDC member selection2022
News & Notes domain no longer in purview of the Residents Assembly2022
News & Notes 924:Auronet no longer under the purview of the Residents Assembly2022
News & Notes 921:Working Committee to await the outcome of the RAD2022
News & Notes 919:RAD outcome on the revised Selection Process2022
News & Notes 917:Call for participation in the task force to increase RA participation2022
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  • Office: Town Hall
  • Email: avcouncil (at)

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Auroville Council 2020. From left to right: Shivaya, Anita, Riju, Enrica, <??>, <??>, Balaji, Dan, <??>, Ganesh