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Articles from 2022Author
News & Notes 930:To the community from the Residents' Assembly-approved FAMC
News & Notes 930:The sting that spursAnandi Zhang
News & Notes 930:Request to instruct the office of the Secretary to refrain from issuing further Office Orders and withdraw the issued Office Orders
News & Notes 930:Regarding access to Auronet and email accounts
News & Notes 930:Note from FAMC (of the Secretary's office)
News & Notes 930:New formation of the Council
News & Notes 930:Collective meeting of the newly selected Working Groups of the RA
News & Notes 929:Urgent – Visas and RoR
News & Notes 929:Update from the Working Committee of the Residents' Assembly
News & Notes 929:New members of the five working groups
News & Notes 929:Duly appointed RA groups and services
News & Notes 929:1st announcement from the new L'avenir d'Auroville team
News & Notes 928:Working Update
News & Notes 928:Note from the reconstituted FAMC
News & Notes 928:Letter by Dr. G. Seetharaman, Officer on Special Duty
News & Notes 928:Emotional and mental health in Auroville
News & Notes 928:Auroville Foundation data and intellectual properties
News & Notes 927:Working Update
News & Notes 927:Update from the Working Committee (of the Residents' Assembly), 14 June 2022
News & Notes 927:Status of current FAMC & new email address
News & Notes 927:Response to AVCouncil, commment on Auronet (from WC of the Secretary's office)
News & Notes 927:Reminder to the Auroville community about visiting journalists, bloggers, film crew and photographers
News & Notes 927:New mass bulletin
News & Notes 927:Heartfelt gratitude for each one (from RAS about Community Gathering)
News & Notes 927:Forest Group meeting notes – 03.06.2022, Hermitage
News & Notes 927:Council changes email address
News & Notes 927:Collective statement by WC (of the Secretary's office), FAMC (of the Secretary's office) and ATDC
News & Notes 927:Clarification regarding questionable appointments of FAMC and ATDC by the Office of the Secretary
News & Notes 926:Urgent update from the Working Committee (of the RA) 3 June 2022
News & Notes 926:Email situation in Auroville
News & Notes 926:Dissolving the FAMC, reconstituting the ATCD
News & Notes 926:Clarification on WCom and RoR
News & Notes 926:Chirping birds lure meAnandi Zhang
News & Notes 926:Auroville TV channel to be launched soon
News & Notes 925:To the Auroville community from the FAMC
News & Notes 925:The Working Committee of the Residents' Assembly update
News & Notes 925:Press release dated 22 May 2022 – Working Committee of the Residents' Assembly of the Auroville Foundation
News & Notes 925:FAMC request to ATDC wrt asset demolitions, resident relocation, protocols, etc.
News & Notes 925:Excerpts from the 59th Governing Board meeting report
News & Notes 925:Editors' note – AVWC and the WCRA
News & Notes 925:Details about upcoming ATDC member selection
News & Notes 925:Auroville Working Committee – Three working updates
News & Notes 924:Domain change of Financial Service
News & Notes 924:Collective healing work – OponoponoIris
News & Notes 924:Auroville.org.in domain no longer in purview of the Residents Assembly
News & Notes 924:Auronet no longer under the purview of the Residents Assembly
News & Notes 924:A letter from Dr. Karan Singh, 13 May 2022Dr. Karan Singh
News & Notes 923:Report of the FAMC over the month of April 2022
News & Notes 923:Minutes of the Forest Group meeting 06.05.2022 in Eternity
News & Notes 923:Communication from the Under Secretary to Auronet
News & Notes 923:Announcing the interim members of the Working Committee
News & Notes 922:The Governing Board directs the Residents Assembly to pause all decisions taken by the Residents Assembly
News & Notes 922:Summary of the results of the RAD on Working Committee members
News & Notes 922:Communication received from the office of the Secretary
News & Notes 922:Announcement for unauthorized buildings
News & Notes 921:Working Committee to await the outcome of the RAD
News & Notes 921:Introducing Maarganam program
News & Notes 921:Human Unity Gratitude Service (HUGS)
News & Notes 921:BCC narrative report January-March 2022
News & Notes 920:RAM report – Follow-up RAM on vote of no confidence in WC
News & Notes 920:Dreamweaving the Auroville Crown 2022 – report on process and outcomes
News & Notes 920:Annual report of the Entry Service- April 2021 to March 2022
News & Notes 919:RAD outcome on the revised Selection Process
News & Notes 918:Report of the FAMC over the month of March 2022
News & Notes 918:Outcomes of the Community Budgeting Process
News & Notes 918:FAMC 12th April 2022 update to the Governing Board (59th meeting)
News & Notes 917:Update on l'Avenir d'Auroville / ATDC
News & Notes 917:PoeteaAnandi Zhang
News & Notes 917:Forest Group meeting – Infinity, 1 April 2022
News & Notes 917:Follow-up RA Meeting in preparation for a decision-making on the Selection Process proposal
News & Notes 917:CrownLife LIVE
News & Notes 917:Call for participation in the task force to increase RA participation
News & Notes 916:RA Meeting to discuss a proposal and proceed to decision making – no confidence in WC
News & Notes 916:Open call to deselection of working group members task force
News & Notes 916:Matrimandir executive team confirmed
News & Notes 915:Final presentation of Dreamweaving the Crown
News & Notes 915:Auroville International Youth Center
News & Notes 915:About the RAD on the Working Committee
News & Notes 914:Report of the FAMC over the month of February 2022
News & Notes 914:Land Sellers and Buyers Take Notice
News & Notes 914:Implementation of the Pour Tous Purchasing Service (PTPS) RAD – final report
News & Notes 914:Forest Group meeting minutes – Aurodam, 4th of March 2022
News & Notes 914:Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) 2010, amended 2020 … and you
News & Notes 913:Update – Regarding RRO officers visit
News & Notes 913:Summary of the minutes of the 58th meeting of the Governing Board
News & Notes 913:Letter from AVI Board to Secretary and Governing Board
News & Notes 913:Dreamweaving – Presentation and exhibition
News & Notes 912:Regarding Appeals
News & Notes 912:Letter from Dr. Karan SinghDr. Karan Singh
News & Notes 912:Dreamweaving – The final sessions and what's next
News & Notes 912:AVC Report November, December 2021 and January 2022
News & Notes 912:ATDC membership
News & Notes 911:Report of the FAMC over the month of January 2022
News & Notes 910:Dreamweaving the Crown – preparing for the final sessions
News & Notes 910:A report on the Auroville Outreach Media change of management
News & Notes 909:‘The Big Weave’ – The Dreamweaving continues
News & Notes 909:Report of the 1st Residents' Assembly Meeting (RAM) on a new Selection Process
News & Notes 909:Dreamweavers (from Auroville Council)
News & Notes 908:Youthlink 2022
News & Notes 908:Who participates in the next Dreamweaving round?
News & Notes 908:Report of events on and around 4 to 9 December
News & Notes 908:Our perspective of what really transpired
News & Notes 908:Communication to the Secretary regarding Crown RAD
News & Notes 908:BCC Narrative Report Oct '21 – Dec '21
News & Notes 907:The Dreamweaving has begun!
News & Notes 907:Report of the FAMC, December 2021
News & Notes 907:Regarding the declaration form
News & Notes 907:Petitions and Residents Assembly Decision-Making (RAD)
News & Notes 907:Outcome of the RA Decision-Making process
News & Notes 907:Notes on the meeting with Governing Board by five Aurovilians
News & Notes 907:Invitation to RAM to discuss Selection Process proposal
News & Notes 906:Water in 2021
News & Notes 906:Sri Aurobindo International Multiversity – Collaborate as an individual entity
News & Notes 906:Report of Forest Group meeting – January 2022, Fertile
News & Notes 906:Petitions and Residents Assembly Decision-making (RAD)
News & Notes 906:FAMC Presentation to the 58th Governing Board meeting
News & Notes 906:Communication between ATDC and AVC
News & Notes 906:AVI letter to Secretary and Governing Board
News & Notes 905:Thanks and answers to questions, from RAS
News & Notes 905:Report of the follow-up RAM
News & Notes 905:Important note on the new RAD proposal
News & Notes 905:Dreamweaving – Invitation to collaborate
News & Notes 905:AIAT and C3STREAM Land Designs collaborating with Pondicherry University
News & Notes 904:Report of the FAMC over the months of September, October and November 2021
News & Notes 904:Reflections on the RAM from Auroville Council
News & Notes 904:Outcome of the follow-up RA Meeting
News & Notes 904:Crown development work has to continue
News & Notes 903:Understanding our community's budget
News & Notes 903:RAM1 Report
News & Notes 903:Letter to Dr. Jayanthi Ravi and Members of the Governing Board from Auroville International
News & Notes 903:Increase of Children's Maintenance
News & Notes 903:Follow-up RA meeting in preparation for a RA decision

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