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Delhi Ashram meets Prime Minister Modi
17 March 2020
Delhi Ashram meets Prime Minister Modi, 17 March 2020.jpg
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Articles from 2020Author
COVID-19 pandemic
Loretta reads Mother's Questions and AnswersLoretta
News & Notes 803:Existence Garden Evolution
News & Notes 803:The Circularity Gap
News & Notes 803:Update on Citizens' Assembly
News & Notes 806:Karunavirus!G Vig
News & Notes 806:Spirit of Auroville GivingAnge
News & Notes 807:Latest update on Citizens’ Assembly
News & Notes 808:Introducing the Auroville Research Platform
News & Notes 809:Report of the Auroville International Meeting 2020
News & Notes 809:Silent Presence Keepers
News & Notes 810:Auroville Health Fund Scheme – FAQ
News & Notes 811:Citizens' Assembly pilot launched
News & Notes 811:Forest Group Meeting with TDC
News & Notes 817:African Pavilion new website
News & Notes 818:Understanding the ShadowManoj
News & Notes 826:From the FAMC re the activity "Funding Auroville"
News & Notes 826:Report of the Working Committee for April 14th to July 5th, 2020
News & Notes 826:TDC application – Tree Planting Along the Crown
News & Notes 827:Beauty and UglinessBoris
News & Notes 827:From the FAMC on the possible creation of two new trusts - City Trust and Farm Trust
News & Notes 827:Update from L’Avenir/TDC
News & Notes 828:Community Center for Auroville Seniors
News & Notes 828:Remembering PaoloAuroson
News & Notes 829:Anonymous Goodwill Conspiracy - The Art of GivingAnge
News & Notes 829:From BCC - Streamlining administration to a one-stop destination point
News & Notes 829:Regarding EMFsIris
News & Notes 830:BCC - Sharing on the Economic Situation
News & Notes 830:Birth Certificate Information – for residents of Auroville
News & Notes 830:The Magic Cycle Path Team
News & Notes 831:TDC Update report – Jan to June 2020
News & Notes 832:After School
News & Notes 832:Calling the Future survey analysis - Part 1
News & Notes 834:Calling the Future - what needs to change
News & Notes 834:GM+ - Welcome A New Platform for General Meetings
News & Notes 836:Calling the Future Survey Part 3 – Suggested Changes
News & Notes 836:Manifesting Auroville – Conversations with Doshi
News & Notes 837:Green Column – Status of wildlife
News & Notes 838:AV Art Service Cooperative of Activities - Brief Accounts for 2019-2020
News & Notes 838:Appeal to Aurovilians and friends from SEF
News & Notes 838:Let's talk about death, shall we?
News & Notes 838:Update from L'avenir d'Auroville
News & Notes 840:Interim TDC selection process – Background
News & Notes 841:Working Committee Report, Aug 24th to Oct 15th 2020
News & Notes 844:Outcome of the selection process of interim members for the Interface Team of TDC
News & Notes 845:Forest Group meeting in Miracle
News & Notes 845:Young Naturalists – Sijmen on birdsSijmen
News & Notes 846:Auroville Council Report July, August and Sept 2020
News & Notes 847:Young Naturalists – MohiniMohini
News & Notes 849:A Note from FAMC Application Review Group
News & Notes 849:L'Avenir d'Auroville New Members
News & Notes 849:Working Committee Report Oct 16th to Dec 8th 2020
News & Notes 849:Young Naturalists – ZozoZohar
SAIIER 2020:"...Is this enough, O spirit?"Aryamani
SAIIER 2020:"Aerial Auroville" photobook
SAIIER 2020:"Divine Flowers" exhibition
SAIIER 2020:"Native Trees of Auroville" bookMarie Demont
SAIIER 2020:3H Summer School on Urban Furniture and Placemaking
SAIIER 2020:A study of the association between psychosocial factors and malignancies (cancer) in Auroville
SAIIER 2020:ACI - Disha Info Desk
SAIIER 2020:Abstract paintings of The Synthesis of YogaPaintings by Ivana
SAIIER 2020:Agni Veda ResearchNishtha
SAIIER 2020:Aha! Kindergarten
SAIIER 2020:Aikido Intensive 2020 in Auroville
SAIIER 2020:Aikiyam School
SAIIER 2020:Alphas Ultimate Frisbee team
SAIIER 2020:Arulvazhi - Exchange programme
SAIIER 2020:Arulvazhi - Yoga training and tour
SAIIER 2020:Arulvazhi Education Centre
SAIIER 2020:Aurofilm
SAIIER 2020:Aurofilm - PIFF Film Festival and Master Classes
SAIIER 2020:Aurohamsadhwani Art Centre
SAIIER 2020:Auroville Campus Initiative
SAIIER 2020:Auroville Library
SAIIER 2020:Auroville Pre-Crèche
SAIIER 2020:Auroville Rainbow Child program
SAIIER 2020:Auroville Repository (AuroRepo) - Phase 1
SAIIER 2020:Auroville Sports Resource Centre (AVSRC)
SAIIER 2020:Auroville Theatre GroupJill
SAIIER 2020:Conservation cum Awareness on Scrub-jungle Biodiversity for students, teachers and interested public
SAIIER 2020:Deepanam School
SAIIER 2020:Deepanam School - "Microscope" and "Kaleidoscope"
SAIIER 2020:Deepanam School - Integrating Sanskrit language
SAIIER 2020:Deepanam School - Knitting, crochet, weaving, stitching and spinning
SAIIER 2020:Dehashakti - Spirit of Sport 2019
SAIIER 2020:Dehashakti School of Physical Education
SAIIER 2020:Development of vegetable gardens in Transition and Udavi schools
SAIIER 2020:Eluciole Circus SchoolKalou
SAIIER 2020:Endangered Craft Mela
SAIIER 2020:Environmental Education in Auroville bioregion
SAIIER 2020:Film making involving apprentices
SAIIER 2020:Future School
SAIIER 2020:Human Resources Support for Research in Education on Sustainable Waste Management
SAIIER 2020:Ilaignarkal - Auroville Seythimadal
SAIIER 2020:Ilaignarkal - Vaasal
SAIIER 2020:Ilaignarkal Education Centre
SAIIER 2020:Isai Ambalam - Inspiration project
SAIIER 2020:Isai Ambalam School
SAIIER 2020:Kalabhumi Art StudioNele
SAIIER 2020:Kindergarten
SAIIER 2020:Kuilai Creative Centre
SAIIER 2020:Laboratory of Evolution - Centre for Human Unity (LOE-CHU)Kalyani
SAIIER 2020:Last School
SAIIER 2020:Learning and enlivening Sanskrit in Auroville
SAIIER 2020:Life Education Centre
SAIIER 2020:LilalokaMarianne
SAIIER 2020:Mandala PracticeRosalba
SAIIER 2020:Mira Cultural Group
SAIIER 2020:Nandanam Kindergarten
SAIIER 2020:Payanam Cycle Team
SAIIER 2020:Piano teachingHartmut
SAIIER 2020:Presence and energy of the actor dancer connected to the Integral yoga
SAIIER 2020:Report from the SAIIER office
SAIIER 2020:SAIIER Transport Service
SAIIER 2020:STEM Land in/near Auroville Schools
SAIIER 2020:Sanskrit Research Institute
SAIIER 2020:Satsang projectFrancesca
SAIIER 2020:Savitri Bhavan
SAIIER 2020:Scholarship and Educational Fund
SAIIER 2020:Stewardship for New Emergence continuation programs
SAIIER 2020:TLC - Grow Your Own Food
SAIIER 2020:Teachers' Center
SAIIER 2020:The Learning Community (TLC)
SAIIER 2020:Theatre production "Noises Off"Elke
SAIIER 2020:Transition SchoolMatthew Littlewood
SAIIER 2020:Transition School - Auroville, Our Home
SAIIER 2020:Transition School - Values for Human Unity
SAIIER 2020:Translating Savitri into RussianIgor
SAIIER 2020:Translation into Bulgarian language of Sri Aurobindo's writingsTatiana Tas
SAIIER 2020:Types of music education concepts and their elements (website)Gundolf
SAIIER 2020:Using Aurogames to Improve Attention
SAIIER 2020:White Peacock clay studio
Savitri Study Class - "Satyavan and Savitri" (talk)Alok Pandey
Soul Tracks

Working Committee 2020.jpg, White Peacock 2020 6.jpg, White Peacock 2020 5.jpg, White Peacock 2020 4.jpg, White Peacock 2020 3.jpg, White Peacock 2020 2.jpg, White Peacock 2020 1.jpg, Transition School 2020 7 - ATB equality exercise 2.jpg, Transition School 2020 6 - ATB equality exercise 1.jpg, Transition School 2020 5 - What we felt in the Matrimandir.jpg, Transition School 2020 4 - Spiritual significance of flowers.jpg, Transition School 2020 3 - Auroville and inner diamond.jpg, Transition School 2020 2 - Pop Art.jpg, Transition School 2020 1 - paper dolls.jpg, Teachers Center 2020 3 - Aikiyam School kindergarten 2.jpg, Teachers Center 2020 2 - Aikiyam School kindergarten 1.jpg, Teachers Center 2020 1 - materials from AV childrens books.jpg, TLC 2020 8 - Mandala Practice 1.jpg, TLC 2020 5 - Kitchen garden 2.jpg, TLC 2020 4 - Kitchen garden 1.jpg, TLC 2020 3 - Pitchandikulam Forest explorations.jpg, TLC 2020 2 - Musical instruments.jpg, TLC 2020 13 - Art of facilitating 2.jpg, TLC 2020 12 - Art of facilitating 1.jpg, TLC 2020 1 - Musical treehouse.jpg, Spirit of Sport 2019 2.jpg, Spirit of Sport 2019 1.jpg, Savitri Bhavan 2020 4 - Opening of Transparence exhibition.jpg, Savitri Bhavan 2020 3 - Alok Pandey talk on Anger.jpg, Savitri Bhavan 2020 2 - Visit of industrialists.jpg, Savitri Bhavan 2020 1 - Educators from Jaipuria School of Lucknow.jpg, STEM Land 2020 team.jpg, STEM Land 2020 4.jpg, STEM Land 2020 3.jpg, STEM Land 2020 2.jpg, STEM Land 2020 1.jpg, SRI 2020 3.jpg, SRI 2020 2.jpg, SRI 2020 1.jpg, SAIIER Transport Service 2020 2.jpg, SAIIER Transport Service 2020 1.jpg, Rainbow Child 2020 - Palmyra Leaves weaving with Manoj.jpg, Rainbow Child 2020 - Hiding Turtle.jpg, Rainbow Child 2020 - Gomukhasana.jpg, Presence and energy of the actor dancer 2020 8.jpg, Presence and energy of the actor dancer 2020 7.jpg, Presence and energy of the actor dancer 2020 6.jpg, Presence and energy of the actor dancer 2020 5.jpg, Presence and energy of the actor dancer 2020 4.jpg, Presence and energy of the actor dancer 2020 3.jpg, Presence and energy of the actor dancer 2020 2.jpg, Presence and energy of the actor dancer 2020 1.jpg, Payanam 2020 7.jpg, Payanam 2020 6.jpg, Payanam 2020 5.jpg, Payanam 2020 4.jpg, Payanam 2020 3.jpg, Payanam 2020 2.jpg, Payanam 2020 1.jpg, Noises Off poster.jpg, Noises Off 2.jpg, New Year Message 2020.jpg, Mira Cultural Group 2020 5 - Dance certificate.jpg, Mira Cultural Group 2020 4 - Contemporary dance group.jpg, Mira Cultural Group 2020 3 - Natupuram dance performance.jpg, Mira Cultural Group 2020 2 - Bharatanatiyam 2.jpg, Mira Cultural Group 2020 1 - Bharatanatiyam 1.jpg, Matrimandir drone photo N&N 843.jpg, Lilaloka 2020 4.JPG, Lilaloka 2020 3.JPG, Lilaloka 2020 2.JPG, Lilaloka 2020 1.JPG, Last School 2020.jpg, Kindergarten 2020 - Magnets 4.jpg, Kindergarten 2020 - Gardening project.jpg, Kindergarten 2020 - Childrens performance.jpg, Kalabhumi Art Studio 2020 6.jpeg, Kalabhumi Art Studio 2020 5.jpeg, Kalabhumi Art Studio 2020 4.jpg, Kalabhumi Art Studio 2020 3.jpg, Kalabhumi Art Studio 2020 2.jpg, Kalabhumi Art Studio 2020 1.jpeg, KCC 2020 - Some of our participants.JPG, KCC 2020 - Silambam.jpg, KCC 2020 - Info show.JPG, KCC 2020 - Game day.JPG, KCC 2020 - Childrens Day celebration.JPG, KCC 2020 - Art work.JPG, Jyoti Naoki Eri - Sri Ganesha 2020.jpg, Isai Ambalam 2020 4 - Pongal celebration.jpg, Isai Ambalam 2020 3.jpg, Isai Ambalam 2020 2 - Judo demonstration at Spirit of Sport 2019.jpg, Isai Ambalam 2020 1 - Inspiration project.jpg, Is this enough, O spirit 5.jpg, Is this enough, O spirit 4.jpg, Is this enough, O spirit 3.jpg, Is this enough, O spirit 2.jpg, Is this enough, O spirit 1.jpg, Ilaignarkal 2020 3 - Festival of Evolution doll show.jpg, Ilaignarkal 2020 2 - Group reading at the Book Fair.jpg, Ilaignarkal 2020 1 - Auroville Childrens Book Fair.jpg, Greetings from Auroville 2020.jpg, Gond art workshop.jpg, Future School 2020 2.jpg, Future School 2020 1.jpg, FAMC 2020.JPG, Environmental Education 2020 4.jpg, Environmental Education 2020 3.jpg, Environmental Education 2020 2.jpg, Environmental Education 2020 1.jpg, Entry Board (partial) 2020.jpg, Endangered Craft Mela 2020 4 - Therukoothu at the Mela day.jpg, Endangered Craft Mela 2020 3 - Woodwork.jpg, Endangered Craft Mela 2020 2 - School table on the last Mela day.jpg, Endangered Craft Mela 2020 1 - Basket weaving with palmyra leaves.jpg, Eluciole Circus 2020 9.jpg, Eluciole Circus 2020 8.jpg, Eluciole Circus 2020 7.jpg, Eluciole Circus 2020 6.jpg, Eluciole Circus 2020 5.jpg, Eluciole Circus 2020 4.jpg, Eluciole Circus 2020 3.jpg, Eluciole Circus 2020 2.jpg, Eluciole Circus 2020 1.JPG, Divine Flowers 2020 3.jpg, Divine Flowers 2020 2.jpg, Divine Flowers 2020 1.jpg, Disha Info Desk - Conscious Learning Nights.jpg, Development of school vegetable gardens 2020 1.jpg, Dehashakti 2020 5.jpg, Dehashakti 2020 4.jpg, Dehashakti 2020 3.jpg, Dehashakti 2020 2.jpg, Dehashakti 2020 1.jpg, Deepanam weaving 2020 2.jpeg, Deepanam weaving 2020 1.jpeg, Deepanam 2020 7 - Faith group at Borra Caves.jpg, Deepanam 2020 6 - Faith group at Katki tribal village.jpg, Deepanam 2020 5 - Grace group working in Solitude Farm.jpg, Deepanam 2020 4 - Grace group kolam making.jpg, Deepanam 2020 3 - Peace group at My Country, My Culture potluck.jpg, Deepanam 2020 2 - Peace group with B.jpg, Deepanam 2020 1 - Light presentation on water to parents.jpg, Auroville Theatre Group 2020 4.jpg, Auroville Theatre Group 2020 3.jpg, Auroville Theatre Group 2020 2.jpg, Auroville Theatre Group 2020 1.jpg, Auroville Council 2020.JPG, Aurohamsadhwani 2020 3.jpg, Aurohamsadhwani 2020 2.jpg, Aurohamsadhwani 2020 1.jpg, Aurofilm 2020 - Vasanth Sai in Naturellment.JPG, Aurofilm 2020 - The Hindu Press 1st course in Auroville.jpg, Aurofilm 2020 - Stanzin Dorjai in Last School.JPG, Aurofilm 2020 - PIFF poster.JPG, Aurofilm 2020 - Film Institute inauguration announcement.jpg, Aurofilm 2020 - Auroville Film Institute, Film making session in Aurofilm studio.JPG, Aurofilm 2020 - Auroville Film Institute, Basic film orientation timelines.jpg, Arulvazhi yoga 2020 5 - International Day of Yoga.jpg, Arulvazhi yoga 2020 4 - International Day of Yoga.jpg, Arulvazhi yoga 2020 3 - International Day of Yoga.jpg, Arulvazhi yoga 2020 2 - Art of Living yoga centre.jpg, Arulvazhi yoga 2020 1 - Isha Yoga Centre.jpg, Arulvazhi exchange programme 2020 4.jpg, Arulvazhi exchange programme 2020 3.jpg, Arulvazhi exchange programme 2020 2.jpg, Arulvazhi exchange programme 2020 1.jpg, Aikiyam 2020 6 - Eco-Pond.jpg, Aikiyam 2020 5 - Recording in All India Radio Station.png, Aikiyam 2020 4 - Embroidery.png, Aikiyam 2020 3 - Book making.png, Aikiyam 2020 2 - 3rd grade class.png, Aikiyam 2020 1 - Montessori.jpg, Aikido Intensive 2020 poster.jpg, Aikido Intensive 2020 3.jpeg, Aikido Intensive 2020 2.jpeg, Aikido Intensive 2020 1.jpeg, Abstract paintings of The Synthesis of Yoga 2.JPG, Abstract paintings of The Synthesis of Yoga 1.jpg, Abstract paintings of Synthesis of Yoga 5.jpg, AVSRC 2020 - Wheelchair basketball 3.jpg, AVSRC 2020 - Wheelchair basketball 2.jpg, AVSRC 2020 - Wheelchair basketball 1.jpg, AVSRC 2020 - One day open Table Tennis tournament.jpg, AVSRC 2020 - Mens Table Tennis semi-finals.jpg, AVSRC 2020 - Auroville Birthday Week basketball league.jpg, AVSRC 2020 - AuroMira Cricket team 2.jpg, AVSRC 2020 - AuroMira Cricket team 1.jpg, AVSRC 2020 - AuroMira Cricket nets at Dehashakti.jpg, ACI 2020 5.jpg, ACI 2020 4.jpg, ACI 2020 3.jpg, ACI 2020 2.jpg, ACI 2020 1.jpg

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