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Auroville Foundation
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PDF (119 pages)
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Auroville population: 3,063 persons from 58 nations.

“The 50th Anniversary of Auroville – the Golden Jubilee – was the occasion for a whole series of activities within Auroville as well as in two areas closely connected with Sri Aurobindo’s life – Baroda where he lived for 14 years before plunging into revolutionary politics and Kolkata where he was born.”

Matrimandir team had conducted an open design event to create a design for the garden named “the Garden of the Unexpected”, – intended as a place for children to get in touch with the atmosphere of Matrimandir though a wide range of elements. It is to be a place of wonderment and discovery. The event culminated in December 2018 with the finalization by the leading design team of a detailed design for this 8000 square meter garden. The last phase involved the weaving together of design elements from the top three design choices through a very rewarding community process. The garden was inaugurated on Feb 21st 2019 with the planting of several plumeria trees.
         Encouraged by the positive energy generated within the community through the design process described above, – and as encouraged by the Governing Board in our last meeting – the Matrimandir team has now launched a similar design event for the creation of designs for four of the remaining eight of the Matrimandir gardens.”

“A week-long workshop titled ‘Auroville – A Way Forward: Bringing the Vision of Auroville into our life, built environment and organisation’ was organised for the community in collaboration with Auroville International, Germany in January 2019. The themes covered, include place-making, dimensions of water, spiritual designs for livable cities and strategies for community planning.”

Secretary Mohan Verghese Chunkath
Governing Board Karan Singh, Anirban Ganguly, Darshana M. Dabral, K. Parameswaran, M. Madan Gopal, Nirima Oza, Prema Nandakumar, Sachidananda Mohanty, Saravana Kumar
International Advisory Council none
Working Committee Carel, Hemant L., Inge vA., Mandakini, Partha, Ranjith, Sauro

Donations to Auroville:

FCRA ₹ 1,946,54,000
80 G – General Donation 325,19,000
35 (1) (ii) – Scientific Research 0
35 (1) (iii) – Social Science Research 924,93,000
Other donations 2,396,16,000

Grant-in-aid from Government of India:

Capital ₹ 966,69,000
General 342,48,000
Salaries 154,03,000
Total 1,463,20,000

50th Anniversary Special Grant:

Capital ₹ 1,055,23,000
General 288,62,000

Income generated by Auroville: ₹ 687,50,000

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