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Auroville Foundation
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PDF (101 pages)
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Auroville population: 2,700 people from 54 nations.

(Auroville Foundation report:) “With the Gazette Notification by MHRD conferring magisterial powers to the Secretary as an Estate Officer, Auroville will benefit considerably, and this year we could hopefully add over 17 acres of land to the Master Plan of the Auroville Township. However, there are still considerable plots of land in the green belt and even in the inner circle that do not belong to Auroville. Our top priority is to acquire those lands which are essential for an integrated township, either through purchase or exchange.”

(Auroville Foundation report:) “We are working overtime to undertake the Golden Jubilee week 21-28 February 2018. We expect high dignitaries to visit Auroville during that week & join us in celebrating what is a unique experiment in collective consciousness.”

Secretary Mohan Verghese Chunkath
Governing Board Karan Singh, Darshana Dabral, Rakesh Ranjan
International Advisory Council none
Working Committee Angela, Carel, Hemant L., Inge V.A., Kumar, Mandakini, Ranjith

Donations to Auroville:

FCRA ₹ 1,980,80,000
80 G – General Donation 107,25,000
35 (1) (ii) – Scientific Research 0
35 (1) (iii) – Social Science Research 388,79,000
Other donations 2,517,74,000

Grant-in-aid from Government of India:

Capital ₹ 1,200,00,000
General 300,00,000
Non-Plan Grant 240,00,000

Income generated by Auroville: ₹ 975,31,000

5th UNESCO Resolution on Auroville – 2017

The General Conference,
         Recalling the foundation of an international township, Auroville, in South India on February 28, 1968, when the youth of 124 Member States participated in the ceremony by depositing the soil of their countries in the foundation urn to symbolize the coming together of the nations of the world,
         Noting that the General Conference of UNESCO unanimously adopted resolutions of support to Auroville in 1966, 1968, 1970 and 1983, inviting Member States and international non-governmental organizations to participate in the development of Auroville as an international cultural township designed to bring together the values of different cultures and civilizations in a harmonious environment with integrated living standards which correspond to man's physical and spiritual needs,
         Recognizing that the aims of Auroville are to promote international understanding, peace, innovative education, a learning society and all-round material and spiritual development for harmonious individual and collective growth, and that such aims contribute to the advancement of the objectives of UNESCO, especially dialogue among civilizations, cultures and religions, cultural diversity and culture as a factor for development,
         Appreciating that the Government of India passed, in 1988, the Auroville Foundation Act for the purpose of protecting and encouraging the development of Auroville,
         Also appreciating that Auroville International Centres have been established in many countries of the world, which are engaged in bringing youth from their countries into contact with the aims and ideals of Auroville and in facilitating internships, volunteer stays and academic research programmes,
         Also recognizing that Auroville has developed into a centre of expertise in a wide range of fields, benefiting India and noting its success in sharing its experience and helping the development of its neighboring rural population,
         Acknowledging that Auroville is inviting all nations of the world to participate in its development, especially of its International Zone, which is designated as an educational campus hosting cultural pavilions of all nations or groups of nations, expressing the genius of each culture,
         Also noting that 28 February 2018 will mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of Auroville,
         Further recognizing that Auroville is a successful and unique model project, proving the capacity of an international community, after almost 50 years of existence, to continue to live up to its initial founding ideas of peace and international harmony and which are also UNESCO’s own values and principles, as well as some of its major priorities,
         Invites the Director-General to reinforce the association of UNESCO with Auroville and organize commemorative activities for its 50th anniversary, and to re-invite the Member States on the special occasion of Auroville’s 50th anniversary to participate in Auroville’s further development.

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