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Auroville Foundation

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PDF (44 pages)

Auroville population: 1,440 people from 41 nations.

“For Auroville to be truly relevant, it will have to realise within itself the answers to some of the pressing questions that humanity faces today.”

“The Governing Board constituted the Land Consolidation Committee (LCC) with 11 members on 14th March 2006. Of these, 6 members were appointed by the Residents Assembly and 5 by the Governing Board.”

Secretary M. Ramaswamy
Governing Board Karan Singh, Ajoy Bagchi, Aster Patel, D.P. Chattopadhaya, Keshav Desiraju, Malini Parthasarathy, Mallika Sarabhai, Roger Anger, Sanat Kumar Ray
International Advisory Council Doudou Diène (Senegal), Marc Luyckx Ghisi (Belgium), Mark Tully (UK), Michael Murphy (US), Vishakha N. Desai (US)

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