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Mother's Agenda 1968
(Volume 9)
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PDF (243 pages)

2nd UNESCO Resolution on Auroville – 1968

The General Conference,
         Recalling that in connection with commemoration of the 20th anniversary of UNESCO, the Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry, India, had taken steps to establish an international cultural township known as Auroville where people of different countries will live together in one community and engage in cultural, educational and other pursuits, and that this project has been commended to all those interested in UNESCO’s ideals in resolution 4.36 passed at the fourteenth session of the General Conference,
         Considering that Member States, believing in the pursuit of truth and the free exchange of ideas and knowledge, have agreed and determined to develop and to increase the means of communication between their peoples,
         Considering also that, despite the technical advance which facilitates the development and dissemination of knowledge and ideas, ignorance of the way of life and customs of people still presents an obstacle to friendship among the nations, to peaceful cooperation, and to the progress of mankind,
         Taking account of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Declaration on the Promotion among Youth of the Ideas of Peace, Mutual Respect and Understanding between Peoples and the Declaration of the Principles of International Cultural Cooperation,
         Noting that the foundation stone of Auroville has been laid on 28th February 1968 and that the youth of many nations participated in this solemn ceremony symbolizing the coming together of nations in a spirit of human unity,
         Confident that Auroville with its many interrelated sub‑projects will add a new dimension to UNESCO’s activities for the promotion of international co‑operation and understanding and appreciation of cultural and human values,
         Invites Member States and international non-governmental organisations to participate in the development of Auroville as an international cultural township designed to bring together the values of different cultures and civilisations in a harmonious environment with integrated living standards which correspond to man’s physical and spiritual needs.

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