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Mother's Agenda 1966
(Volume 7)

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(Mother:) “Were you there for the 1st of December at the Theatre?

(Mona Sarkar:) Yes, Mother.

You liked the play?

Yes, Mother, and more so because I felt that the atmosphere was charged.

Oh! Yes.

Perseus the Deliverer, 1st December 1966

Yes, Mother, on both the days, the 1st and the 2nd of December, one felt above all that the atmosphere was charged. It was vibrating with Your Presence.

Yes, that is what I want. It is good.

You know, Mother, as You had told me that You would be there [at the 2nd December physical demonstration], present among us, that is why I wanted very much to be with You. And so I remained all the time in front of the microphone, concentrated, trying to feel something. Naturally I did not see You like this, but Mother, I felt Your Presence vibrating. And after the programme I congratulated everyone for the success. The atmosphere was really charged, Mother. I saw things pass before my eyes and a little below, it was as if all had become vast and one could see the harmonious movements as a whole. It was like an experience.

It is good, my child. …
         And what did you do with the prayer I gave you?

Mother, I read the prayer after the March Past.

(In a teasing tone) In front of everybody?

2nd December 1966

“Soyez courageux, endurants, vigilants, et surtout sincères, d’une honnêteté parfaite.
Alors vous pourrez faire face à toutes les difficultés. Et vous aurez la Victoire.”

“Be courageous, enduring, vigilant; above all, be sincere, with perfect honesty.
Then you will be able to face all difficulties. And victory will be yours.”

Yes, Mother.

And how did you read it?

Why, Mother? I read it in front of the mic.

(Still teasing) How I would like to hear it! (Mother laughs)
         You, reading a prayer? That is really... something... (Mother laughs and continues teasing) I would very much like to hear how you read it!

Mother, would you like to hear it now?

No, no, not now. I do not have the time. I was only teasing you.

Then, Mother, you could have recorded it.

Yes, that's what I was thinking. If my voice were recorded and the loudspeakers were hidden, without anyone knowing about them and suddenly it was played very loud during the programme, then everyone would be stunned and surprised to hear my voice. And they would run everywhere to look for me. But no chance! It would be good fun. They would tremble before the power and the grandeur they would perceive. And it would be very interesting because they would hear my voice but they would not find me.

Mother, that would be very interesting.

And if we did this in some place where one does not recognise my voice... Here, everyone knows my voice, – it would not be interesting; but there, where one does not know, it could be very effective, for the people would at once bow down to pray, hearing this voice – pure, grave, penetrating and solemn, which vibrates and rings in the very depths of the being. This voice shakes up and tears the past, drives away the ill-will, sanctifies and purifies the atmosphere all around. It is formidable! You know, my voice is heard in the soul. It comes from the Soul and expresses the Soul.
         ... In ancient times when one wanted to convince the people, they were assembled in the caves of the mountains and suddenly, from all the corners, one heard sonorous voices trembling with fury to announce the wrath of God: “If you do not act in such a manner you will perish.” And it had a formidable effect. For everyone obeyed without questioning. (In a jovial mood) If I too began to proclaim like this, you will see that this would have a tremendous effect. If I announce with a deep, grave, clear and penetrating voice: “Be pure and faithful,” immediately the people will all be shocked and petrified to hear my voice, stunned. From where is this announcement coming? Is it from the sky which has opened up? Or is it possible the Mother is here among us? Why this proclamation? They will all be in an odd and uncomfortable situation: “What have we done?” – as if I know nothing! It would be very difficult for them to extricate themselves, for these words coming down from the heavens will goad them to make the necessary effort and progress. It will be very amusing.

Yes, Mother, perhaps it is only then that we will try.

I think so. Trembling and not daring to do anything, they will prostrate themselves on the ground, imploring: “What Thou willest, we shall do! What Thou willest, we shall do! Command!” All trembling and shuddering with fear on hearing my voice, they will have no other recourse but to follow my will: to purify themselves, to aspire sincerely and to abstain from following the falsehood. It will be a big shock. ...
         Even for the ordinary people, my voice sends a thrill; it awakens a hope, a love and a feeling that all is not lost. For others, it brings out the splendours that lie hidden within, and for yet others, the key to solve the mysteries of the world. ...
         I can describe it indefinitely and as long as one has not attained a certain level of consciousness, one can understand nothing of what my voice is – the depth and the value of what it contains – (teasing) I will be flat and ordinary, like your voice.
         (Still teasing) And still I wonder, what did you do with that prayer?

Mother, you know, if I tell you something, you will be astonished. You will be surprised.

Do you think that I do not know?

Yes, Mother, like that You know, but...

Know for sure that I know everything.

But Mother, you were teasing me as to what I had done with the prayer. So...

Oh! You do not like that I tease you? You sill have some complexes and preferences?

But Mother, it was a revelation from me when I heard Amrita-da speak to me with assurance and he thanked me with a lot of goodwill. He praised me after hearing the prayer that I read in the Sports Ground, the one you had given me to read.

And what did he say?

He said with conviction and a lot of affection and also with a deep respect, that he was very much touched when he heard me read this prayer and that tears began to roll down his cheeks. He told me: “Mona, I was so happy to be there. After the March Past, as we stood, Nolini and I, suddenly I heard through the loud-speakers, the Mother's voice, clear and distinct, reading the prayer. I was stunned and taken aback to hear the Mother's voice, here in the Sports Ground. … I saw you standing and reading in front of the microphone and not the Mother. Yet the voice was the Mother's without doubt, powerful, sublime and grand, which seized my whole being in rapture. I was so thrilled to hear that voice. I am sure it was the Mother's voice I heard. But you have to pardon me, for I moved during that solemn hour. Nolini too reprimanded me for moving during that time. But I couldn't help it. I was so tempted to see the Mother when I heard her voice.” So you see, Mother...

Do you think that I do not know? I know everything. In fact, Amrita had recounted everything to me and I had explained this phenomenon to him. That day, at the Sports Ground, I was present will all my force and a portion of me had manifested itself.
         It is because of this that he heard my voice. It is natural. I exerted a strong force and this was the result. You see, I know everything. I know also what you had done with the prayer. That is why I was teasing you, to see your reaction.”[1]

(Shri Poushpa Das, presenting at the UNESCO General Conference in 1966:) “The Mother animates this astonishing collectivity where ‘the multifarious play of life’ goes on alongside the most implacable renunciations, where people, carrying in their secret heart the nostalgia of that immutable serenity which shines on the faces of sages and happy souls, mingle in the atmosphere of intense work and joy.
         They are 1,200, coming from all the corners of the world: engineers, architects, foremen, doctors, advocates, accountants, teachers, artists, agriculturists, and simple folk – all of them exercise the same productive activity for the good of the community that they have joined, in the same way as they would for their own good in their ordinary social life. Thus they form a vast industrial and commercial collectivity with its stadium, swimming pool, hospital, play-ground, school, cinemas, foundries, its workshops for mechanical constructions and prefabricated concrete, its press, automobile workshop, bank, stores, dairy farms and poultry farms, etc...
         But each member of this collectivity observes the strictest mental and physical discipline and consecrates all the available time to physical development, to study, and to meditation. It is an endeavour, unique in the world, to reconcile the highest spiritual life with the exigencies of our industrial civilization. All the members of this Ashram lead at the same time a strictly normal external life, healthy and active, alongside an intense inner life.”[2]

1st UNESCO Resolution on Auroville – 1966

The General Conference,
         Being apprised that in connection with the commemoration of the twentieth anniversary of UNESCO, the Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry, India, a non governmental organisation affiliated to the Indian National Commission for UNESCO, proposes to set up a cultural township known as “Auroville” where people of different countries will live together in harmony in one community and engage in cultural, educational, scientific and other pursuits,
         Noting that the township will have pavilions intended to represent the cultures of the world, not only intellectually but also by presenting different schools of architecture, painting, sculpture, music, etc, as part of a way of living,
         Appreciating that one of the aims of “Auroville” will be to bring together in close juxtaposition the values and ideals of different civilizations and cultures,
         Expresses the belief that the project will contribute to international understanding and promotion of peace and commends it to those interested in UNESCO’s ideals.

Poster for Exhibition of the Auroville Project 18 March 1966.jpg

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