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Mother's Agenda 1951-1960
(Volume 1)

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PDF (340 pages)

(Satprem to Mother, 6 January 1959:) “Panditji continues his work on me daily; it is to last 41 days in all. He told me that he wants to undo the things of several births. When it is over, he will explain it all to me. ...
         His action upon you is to continue for another five days, after which he is positive that you will be entirely saved. According to him, it is indeed a magic attack originating in Pondicherry, and perhaps even from someone in the Ashram!! He told me that this evil person would finally be forced to appear before you ... I am learning many interesting things from him.”[1]

(Mother to Satprem, 8 January 1959:) “I am so happy that Panditji is taking good care of you, teaching you Sanskrit, speaking to you of the Tantra. It is just what I wanted.
         His action here has been very effective and really very interesting. I still do not know whether someone has really done black magic, and the ‘villain’ has yet to appear before me. But already several days ago the malefic influence completely disappeared without leaving any trace in the atmosphere. Also their mantric intervention did not stop at that, for it has had another most interesting result. I am preparing a long letter for Swami to explain all this to him ...”[2]

(Satprem, 14 January 1959:) “Sweet Mother,
         This morning, Panditji told me that he would be most happy to continue his action upon you if it would help your work; he has continued it anyway, even after knowing that the malefic influence was expelled from the Ashram. By the way, Panditji told me that this evil spirit is continuing to circle around the Ashram, but beyond its ‘borders’. Therefore, if you agree, it would be necessary for him to come to Pondicherry one of these days to come to grips directly with the ‘evil one’ and finish him off in such a way that he can no longer come to disturb the sadhaks, or your work, upon the slightest pretext. Then Panditji could force this spirit to appear before him, and thereby free the atmosphere from its influence.”[3]

(Mother to Satprem, 16 January 1959:) “My dear child,
         This morning, I received your letter ... I am very happy about all that Panditji is telling you and that he has found you fit to receive the tantric initiation. It was my feeling, I could say my conviction, to which he gives an enlightened confirmation. So all is well.
         As for my health and the Ashram, I infinitely appreciate what he has done and what he would like to continue to do. His visit will make me very happy, and if he comes in about one month, a few days before the ‘darshan’, there will be no need to find any excuse for his visit, for it will appear quite natural.”[4]

(Mother, 23 April 1959:) “Satprem, my dear child,
         I hope you wrote to Panditji that it is agreed, that we expect him with his family early in the morning of the 30th, and that I am looking forward to our daily morning meditation during his stay.
         Do tell him that all is well, that we are awaiting his arrival and that I am looking forward to these meditations.”[5]

(Satprem, early May 1959:) “Sweet Mother,
         I have just spoken for a few minutes with Panditji. He came out of your room extremely ‘moved’ (in his deep way). “I was standing before Mother and I no longer knew where I was. At the end of fifteen minutes, I found myself there.” And several times, he said, “Great Power, Great Power ... An Ocean. She ONLY can understand ...” And as I expressed my surprise – for while going to your room, he had told me that he would begin this special ‘japa’ standing before you only tomorrow – he told me, “When I went into Mother's room, I felt the Order come from above, and I began immediately.” ”[6]

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