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Mother's Agenda 1951-1960
(Volume 1)
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PDF (340 pages)
        Mother's organ music
January 1, 1956
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(Mother's experience during a Wednesday class, noted by a disciple and corrected by Mother:) “... A supramental entity had entirely possessed me.
         Something a little taller than myself: its feet extended below my feet and its head went a little beyond my head.
         ... A solid block with a rectangular base – a rectangle with a square base – one single piece.
         ... A light, not like the golden light of the Supermind: rather a kind of phosphorescence. I felt that had it been night, it would have been physically visible.
         ... And it was denser than my physical body: the physical body seemed to me almost unreal – as though crumbly – like sand running through your fingers.
         ... I would have been incapable of speaking, words seemed so petty, narrow, ignorant.
         ... I saw (how shall I put it?) the successive preparations which took place, in certain anterior beings, in order to achieve this.
         ... It felt as if I had several heads.
         ... The experience of February 29 was of a general nature; but this one was intended for me.
         ... An experience I had never had.
         ... I begin to see what the supramental body will be.
         ... I had had a somewhat similar experience at the time of the union of the supreme creative principle with the physical consciousness. But that was a subtle experience, while this was material – in the body.
         ... I did not have the experience, I did not look at it: I WAS it.
         ... And it radiated from me: myriads of little sparks that were penetrating everybody – I saw them enter into each one of those present.
         ... One more step.”[1]

(Sehra, 5 December 1956:) “This is my experience during the meditation. I had no sense of body. There was nothing except infinite space. Then I heard a voice which said: “From now on, I will rule the world.” I asked “Who is that ‘I’?” The answer came: “The Supermind.” Then I laughed and asked: “But who is the Supermind?” At the same time I said “Sri Aurobindo” as if addressing him – and then there was a sort of stroke on my mind and I knew that I had uttered the answer.
         It was all darkness. It was from this darkness that the voice came. When the last answer “Sri Aurobindo” came I was looking into the darkness. Out of it very slowly an egg-shaped fire came. At first it was quite red, then it became a little golden together with red. Then it began to move round and round me. This was the Supermind come forward to rule the world.
         When I asked Mother what was the meaning of “From now on”, she said: “The very moment the meditation started at 10 o'clock in the morning. So far Sri Aurobindo was not doing anything.” Mother herself saw the oval lit-up picture, which was there, of Sri Aurobindo becoming red at first and then golden.”[2]

To the Soviet Gymnasts

(Mother, 3 April 1956:) “We salute you, brothers already so far on the way to the physical perfection for which we all aspire here.
         Be welcome in the Ashram, amongst us. We feel sure that today one step more is taken towards unity of the great human family.”[3]

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