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Mother's Agenda 1951-1960
(Volume 1)
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PDF (340 pages)
        Mother's organ music
December 13, 1953
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(Amal Kiran:) “Suddenly some time in 1953 the Mother decided to shift the office [of Mother India] from Bombay to Pondicherry and to get the monthly printed at the Ashram Press. The Editor was not himself yet ready to settle in the Ashram. So he had to do his work from Bombay, leaving the final arrangements in the hands of his editorial associate who was in Pondicherry. When, on a visit he asked the Mother why she had effected the sudden shift while he was still making preparations for a move to the Ashram, she replied: “I did not want anybody to create obstacles in your way. If your office, your work are here, you have every reason to say that you should be in Pondicherry. I have made your path of Yoga clear.”[1]

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  1. Amal Kiran, The Sun and the Rainbow, p.61

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