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(Amal Kiran:) “On September 17, 1934, after nearly seven years of attempt at Yoga I wrote to the Mother: “Pardon my writing to you without any specific reason; but I feel like telling you that you are extremely dear to me. In spite of my thousand and three imperfections, this one sense remains in me – that you are my Mother, that I am born from your heart. It is the only truth I seem to have realised in all these years. A very unfortunate thing, perhaps, that I have realised no other truth; but I deeply thank you that I have been enabled to feel this much at least.”
         Sri Aurobindo replied something which all of us might remember. He said: “It is an excellent foundation for the other Truths that are to come – for they all result from it.” And the Mother wrote underneath: “My blessings are always with you.” ”[1]

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  1. Amal Kiran & Nirodbaran, Light and Laughter: Some Talks at Pondicherry, p.49

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