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Notice written by Sri Aurobindo:
Rules and Regulations of the Ashram:

  1. Always behave as if Mother was looking at you; because she is indeed, always present.
  2. All new-comers and persons connected with them are hereby informed that every new arrival to the Ashram is to be reported to Purani on the same day in order to furnish information for the police.
  3. There have been several instances recently in which members of the Ashram have been rude and over-bearing in their behaviour to the French Police when they come to the Ashram in connection with the registration of new arrivals. There can be no possible excuse for this kind of conduct, especially as the police authorities have agreed to our own proposals in the matter and we have undertaken to help them with all necessary information. Sri Aurobindo has already given a warning against making trouble for the Ashram with the authorities; it ought not to be necessary to repeat it.
             Especial care must be taken during these days when many are arriving from outside. If the police come for information, they must not be sent rudely away; they should be asked to wait and information be given to Purani who will deal with the matter.
  4. Food and other requirements are given in the Ashram to those who have made a complete surrender of their means to Mother and receive only what she gives to them. If anyone receives money from outside and keeps it, it will be understood that he wishes to live on his own independent means and does not need anything from the Ashram and arrangements will be made accordingly.
  5. Furniture purchased by a temporary inmate for personal use remains a property of the Ashram when he leaves the place. He cannot take it with him nor claim it back when he comes again.
  6. Nothing should be sent out for publication (contributions to newspaper and magazines or books) without having been first submitted to Sri Aurobindo for approval.
  7. Sri Aurobindo’s work is purely spiritual. Anyone entering the Ashram as a member must abstain from political connections or activities.
  8. The moment one enters the life of the Ashram and takes up the Yoga he ceases to belong to any creed or caste or race; he is one of Sri Aurobindo’s disciples and nothing else. Race prejudices, caste feelings, pride of sect or contempt of other religions have no place here. Every sadhak should remember this in his thought and speech and dealings with others.
  9. Visitors from outside should not be received in the Ashram by the sadhaks except under special circumstances and by permission. Infringement of this rule may have very inconvenient consequences for the work.
  10. Nothing should be spoken to outsiders as to what passes in the Ashram without special permission from Mother.
  11. Outsiders should not be allowed within the precincts of any houses of the Ashram. If anyone wishes to see the Ashram, it can be done only after special permission from Mother.
  12. Rule No. 4 applies only to permanent members of the Ashram. Those who stay only for a time must contribute to the expenses a monthly sum to be fixed by Mother.
  13. Permanent members of the Ashram are expected to undertake some part of the work necessary for its organisation and maintenance. The nature of the work to be given to them will be decided by Mother. Those who reside temporarily may also assist while they are here.
  14. This Ashram, maintaining almost a hundred people, has to be run at a heavy expenses; it is therefore the understanding that while those who have nothing (the majority) are admitted free and nothing is asked from them, the few who have something are expected to give what they have. If they wish to have the charge of their whole spiritual and material future taken over by us, it is at least fair that they should make the offering of all their possessions.[1]

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