=1 "City" (Issue 1968-1)

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With this issue =1 becomes the organ of Auroville, the herald of its future and of its ultimate significance rather than of its immediate present; =1 becomes the symbol of Auroville's planetary goal, and Auroville itself the crucible of an =1 citizenship on which the future of earth depends.

Come and play with us!
Here your dreams come true:
a town for creators who long for things of another kind
but say ‘yes’ to this earth, knowing that it may become another
and who want to build that other;
a town for those to whom the future grants the joy of shaping its body –
this town that no nation can claim as its own
for it belongs only to the future;
a town created for those who believe that the Divine may become man,
future man, the son of man.
Here, where the present, the past and the future intersect,
and earth and sky and sea,
we shall build this town for the children of Earth.

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