"Each of us on earth..." (article by Amal Kiran)

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Each of us on earth...

by Author::Amal Kiran
published in The Sun and the Rainbow

Each of us on earth has a short span of dreaming and doing. But the human life which we live, whether individual or collective, is not all that is ours. Through and beyond our dreaming and doing, a larger life is being dreamt and done. Our hearts and minds have a movement which we vision as our own concern. But there is a soul in us which moves to a superhuman issue.

This soul gives us our rare strange spells of agonising self-exceeding and ecstatic self-giving. Sudden flashes are the acts of our soul – they seem to come as if from nowhere and to disappear as if into nothing. Often we see very little concrete result. But actually through these fugitive flashes the luminous body of God is being built, cell after golden cell, a supreme beauty that is eternal in itself but evolutionary in its disclosure through us.

We think we are living our own absorbing lives: we hardly are aware of the Great Life that is growing along with us. Some shadow of it we perceive in those adventures that pull us a little out of our humanly happy grooves – the adventures of art, philosophy, science, social experiment, religion, selfless love. But the true glory of life lies precisely in carrying out more and more these adventures. And the culminating glory is what may be called the quintessence of them all, when the secret soul comes forward in its own proper reality, takes hold of our hearts and minds and with wide-open eyes understands that the building of God's body on earth is the whole purpose of existence. Then we get the via mystica, the Inner Life, the pursuit by the Hound of Heaven, God-intoxication, Yoga – but all this with a view to earth's transfiguration and not earth's rejection.

So different in its intensity from our habitual aims is the first flush of the soul's self-recognition that frequently we forget that our souls are here in bodies and that by communing or uniting with the Super-soul we are meant to evolve a tangible palpable Divine Shape, a cosmic structure of expressive visage and active limb.

Inasmuch as we participate in this evolution of a universal divinity through our small humanity, we live beyond our doom of transience. We become enfolded in all Time, persist through all individual catastrophes – caught up in God's light and liberty. And we are thus caught up because even within our brief lives we have tried our utmost to exceed ourselves and give ourselves to the mighty Will and Wisdom that are our origin and that work to make us realise we are their immortal children. To feel at every moment our lives as at once streaming out of, and leaping towards, a Divine Mother-Father is the single task we all have in common. If the dreamings and doings of each of us stand apart from those of others instead of joining together in an harmonious effort, we shall fall short of the demand and the delight of Eternity's Body glowing through our days. Our source and goal are one: one also should all of us endeavour to be.

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