The Sun and the Rainbow

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The Sun and the Rainbow:
Approaches to Life Through Sri Aurobindo's Light
(Essays, Letters, Poems, Short Stories)
by Amal Kiran, 1981

Amal Kiran - The Sun and the Rainbow.jpg
PDF (228 pages)

(Amal Kiran, 1981:) “Most of the writings collected in this book come from the pages of the monthly review of culture, published from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Pondicherry: Mother India, whose editor the author has been for the last thirty-two years.
         They draw, directly or obliquely, the inspiration of their various life-stances from the spiritual truth set shining amongst us by the Master of the Integral Yoga. Each of them aims to transmit, however partially, a touch of that illumination. And it is this touch that shades off their diverse moods into one another and unifies their multiple tones into a single whole.”[1]

  1. The Sun and the Rainbow, Forward to the First Edition

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