Roofing with pre-cast ‘t’ beams and tiles

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Example of Pre-cast T bean and tiles


This is a technique to provide a light roofing system with heat insulation using reinforced concrete and terra cotta hollow blocks. Reinforced Pre Cast concrete ‘T’ beams are made to span across at intervals not more than 39cms from each other as an inverted ‘T’. If the span is large, the series of ‘T’ beams will then rest on additional reinforced concrete beam for the span. Between the ‘T’ beams are placed the hollow terra cotta blocks, which provide the heat insulation. Over this steel reinforcements are carried out on which the flooring is done.


  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Filler
  • Terra Cotta Hollow Blocks

Details and experiences

Drawing showing detailed section of the reinforced concrete “T“ beam with steel reinforcement and tile. The space between the “T” junction to the end of the beam upon which the steel reinforcements are laid is filled with a light weight material. This is sometimes used as a cavity in the floor or as a filler to provide heat insulation to the enclosure.


Example T Beam

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