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“Perfection is the true aim of all culture, the spiritual and psychic, the mental, the vital - and it must be the aim of our physical culture also. If our seeking is for a total perfection of the being, the physical part of it cannot be left aside; for the body is the material basis, the body is the instrument which we have to use.”

Sri Aurobindo

Pitanga Cultural Centre offers activities, classes and therapies for Auroville and its guests. Throughout the year, some thirty therapists and teachers offer physical education as a tool to broaden awareness and openness of the body. Pitanga also hosts art exhibitions and performances of music and dance. It has eight rooms and halls and is surrounded by gardens.

Its Brazilian founders named Pitanga after a sweetly flowering bush, said to bring peace and harmony. In Sanskrit, the word means ‘golden body'. Pitanga is about physical and cultural activities in the light of the yoga of Mother and Sri Aurobinodo.


Pitanga has been open since 1991 for Aurovilians and friends to share their skills and knowledge in the fields of cultural and physical education.


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  • Location: Samasti
  • Phone: 262-2403
  • E-mail: pitanga (at) auroville.org.in