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26 June 2021

New MERA team

Dear community,

Some of you may be aware that MERA (Management of Emergency Responses in Auroville) is a unit that was created in June 2020 under the Health and Healing Trust, set up as a channel for receiving funds for emergency responses to any crisis. The MERA resolution states that its scope is “To receive and disburse funds during an emergency in an accountable fashion; to approve projects to relieve said emergency”.

Executives for MERA are appointed for one year, and drawn from the FAMC, BCC and Working Committee. The new executives, appointed by the FAMC as of June 2021, are Suryamayi (BCC), Stephan (FAMC), Rathinam (BCC) and Hemant (Working Committee). Nilen Jha will continue to administer and review the disbursements of MERA funds. You can reach us at mera (at)

The new MERA team has established two categories of projects for use of MERA funds:

  • Immediate emergency relief for the crisis.
  • Recovery & Revitalisation support to address longer term effects of the crisis.

(See our complete Guiding Principles document attached on Auronet)

Some of you had generously donated to the MERA this past year, and these funds were disbursed to the BCC for Temporary Emergency Maintenances, and to services such as as Santé, the Covid-19 Task Force, the Auroville Ambulance, Auroville Health Service and Foodlink (see previous MERA reports on Auronet).

While the MERA funds were used up as of April 2021, the BCC has continued to support on-going emergency budgets. Now two donors have come forward who wish to support Auroville units and services that are struggling due to the economic impact of the pandemic. We will soon be publishing details of the funding criteria and how to apply for / contribute to this relief fund, which will be administered by MERA.

In support of Auroville,

~ MERA Executives
Hemant, Rathinam, Stephan and Suryamayi