News & Notes 781:Result - Natural crystal globe trial at the Matrimandir Lotus Pond

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781 icon.jpg   News & Notes 781
14 January 2019

Result: Natural crystal globe trial at the Matrimandir Lotus Pond

Dear Auroville community,

We would like to thank all who participated in the feedback process of the natural crystal trial in the Matrimandir marble lotus pond.

We have received total 49 feedbacks from the community.

There are 24 positive and 23 negative feedbacks for the natural crystal. There are also 2 neutral feedbacks. In positive feedbacks, most of the people have mentioned that the natural crystal constitutes an improvement to the lotus pond.

In negative feed backs two major points were expressed:

  1. The natural crystal globe is opaque. It is neither symbolically or aesthetically suitable.
  2. The natural crystal is fine, but they do not support it because the change of crystals was done without advance notice to the community.

A few people have expressed that they do not support the natural crystal nor the process.

We have conveyed the result to the donor who had donated the natural crystal with our note that a unifying proposal can be to experiment with a transparent natural crystal globe. There is already a positive response from the donor for this unifying proposal.

Considering the feedbacks received and closeness of the result we have decided to leave the transparent glass globe in position until further experiment.

We will inform the community in advance in case the next trial takes place.

Matrimandir executives
Aurosylle, Hemant, John, Jyoti, Louis and Vladimir