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17 December 2018

Update from L’Avenir

Dear Community, it has been very long since we have been in communication with you and we regret that we were unable to do so, because of being extremely challenged with human resources at our office and in our Interface team.

In light of the ongoing selection process for some interim members, we would like to update you about our current status.

Of the 8 members that were selected in October 2017, we would like to report that at present, Interface team of L’Avenir d’Auroville has 3 members – Anita, Pino and Tejaswini.

In May, Sindhuja and Aurovici resigned due to their inability to keep their “half time” commitment.

In March, in the aftermath of the 50thanniversary pressures, Divya informed us of her decision to step down in the next selection process which was planned for Nov. 2017

In October, Anu resigned due to irresolvable differences with the team.

And now, Inge has resigned due to her personal reasons but will hold office presence till this Dec month end.

Pino has expressed the intention to step down in the upcoming selection process in March 2019.

Anita and Tejaswini are committed to continue to the best of their capacities.

We are happy to share that we are actively supported in this by many working groups (like AV Council, FAMC, AV Architects, GoI group, Water group) and by our technical consultants (Claude, Suhasini, Gilles B., David N., to name just a few).

The AV Council and Working Committee, with the support of the RAS, is selecting Interim members.

We are looking forward to having on board committed and capable persons to support our important ongoing works like the setting up of Technical Teams for Applications, Evaluation and Monitoring, Zonal Development, Development Priorities, Mobility and Infrastructure planning. We also look towards the new interim members to strengthen and improve our administration and communication. In the meantime, we will be coming back to you very soon with a report of our ongoing initiatives.

L’Avenir d’Auroville