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18 November 2017

Auroville Youth Ambassador Day

About 20 people came, young and not so young ones. We spent an interesting and fruitful day sharing and learning together. Exercises like preparing a presentation for a University or planning the reception of a VIP brought in a lot of fun and laughter.

During November and October, the organizer team will offer some discovery excursions and one deep emergence session on the Dream, Charter and the 12 qualities.

It will be announced in the news for people to join who have not taken part of the Ambassador introduction day.

Simultaneously, end of November/ beginning December, we will start with “Half day Walking tours” for the guests and visitors. This is a collaborative effort together with Nicole, the team at the Information office at Visitor Center, and Youth Ambassador Program.

All participants of the program are invited to join and learn directly by doing. This practice will serve to build up the skill set and knowledge to accompany and guide individual guests/ visitors as well as groups.

We want to thank the Aurovilians (Selvam, Inge, and B) who came and contributed in the first introductory part of the Auroville Youth Ambassador event held on 11. November at Unity Pavilion.

For all those who could not come, or feel now like joining after having heard more about the program: just contact any of us.

Shivaya, Gopi and Dinesh, together with Kavitha, Mael, Deep, and Michael from YouthLink.

[payanam (at), youthlink (at)]