News & Notes 701:The Boy with the Book

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701 icon.jpg   News & Notes 701
10 June 2017

The Boy with the Book

“ I have lived a great deal among grown-ups, I have seen them intimately, close at hand, and that hasn’t much improved my opinion of them.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince)

The second group started the camp on the 11th of May. There were thirty-two children and 11 adults in the group from India, US, England, Swiss, Holland, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Israel, Russia, China, Korea. Some people brought some books to the camp. They were more or less ordinary books. But one book was so big and beautiful – the book about the Indian birds!

The book belonged to Zohar; he was born on the 15th of June, 2003. In numerology, his number is eight. It means spirituality. Zohar’s mother is from South Africa, his father from Israel. The boy had the book with him permanently, he often opened it. The birds in it were living, singing, flying, showing their beauty. There are a lot of amazing creatures in India, but the birds are especially amazing. They are like angels, the Lord created them with great love. The birds live between the earth and Heaven. They are pleasant to the eyes and to the ears.

Nature likes birds more than people. The birds didn’t create the roads for motorbikes, cars, buses, trucks. When Auroville started, birds helped the pioneers as they distributed seeds for the trees, bushes, grasses. I wonder if Zohar knew about this. He has an intuitive knowledge. The children are closer to nature than the adults. It is very symbolic that Zohar had a book about the birds but not about the motorbikes.

Near the camp, we can see other birds than in Auroville. For example, there is the common myna Acridotherus tristis in Auroville. Near the camp other birds live such as the jungle myna Acridotherus fuscus. Zohar probably has no knowledge about the difference between these two species but in the future it will not be difficult for him.