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658 icon.jpg   News & Notes 658
30 July 2016

Auroville International – News from the Centres


As the mid-July summer issue of the AVI France team reached us just too late for the previous installment of this column, we here mention that the informative and interesting ‘bulletin d’été’ can be obtained from aurovilleinternationalfr (at) The French-language letter highlights with photos the third inauguration of the future French Pavilion; Olivier’s VC exhibition of Sri Aurobindo and Mother; gives an extensive update on Auroville’s Village Action work and the fund raising campaigns for the Auroville Land; reports on the General AVI meeting held here in February this year mentioning all groups & individuals that were met; gives an article on Michel of Vanaville and describes Rajan (Nagam)’s Sri Aurobindo and Mother centre in Edayanchavadi; gives an overview of the eight ‘Café Auroville’s held in Paris and reports on AVI France’s general assembly meeting in May.


The three-day gathering on Auroville & Integral Yoga in Klint, Denmark, is getting closer: from 19-21 August participants from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Germany and Netherlands will join for this first larger Auroville gathering in Scandinavia since 20 years! The gathering will be held at the Martinus center in beautiful and quiet natural surroundings close by the sea. For further info and/or registration, email to: jaya (at)

Acres for Auroville

A4A is the dynamic action started by Auroville International in collaboration with Lands for Auroville Unified, in support of the work of Auroville’s Land Board. Two years ago, on 15 August 2014, the team initiated A4A Phase 1 with an initial target of fundraising for the Matrimandir Area and the International Zone which was, amazingly, reached after one year. Encouraged by the touching and persistent donor enthusiasm, the team widened its aspiration and inaugurated on 15 August last year A4A Phase 2: the 4 Zones of Auroville’s City Area.

The AVI Centres are grateful and proud to announce that, with the help of Aurovilians, Ashramites, the Golden Chain Fraternity (Ashram school alumni), and innumerable devotees of Sri Aurobindo & the Mother and well-wishers for Auroville in India and worldwide, this second target has also now been realised.

For all AVI matters, contact: vani (at)

This column is maintained by mauna (at)