News & Notes 651:Prevention Campaign against Sexual Abuse and Harassment of Women at Workplace

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651 icon.jpg   News & Notes 651
11 June 2016

Prevention Campaign against Sexual Abuse and Harassment of Women at Workplace

Dear Service or Unit Holder,

This is to let you know that all services and units of Auroville have to comply with the recent Act of Parliament that protects against sexual abuse and harassment in the work place:

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Re-dressal) Act 2013.

To that end, we have:

  1. appointed an Internal Complaints Committee to deal with any incident of sexual abuse or harassment at services and work places in Auroville (contact: icc (at)
  2. produced a poster in both English and Tamil that gives details of the rights of employees on this matter. This laminated poster will be delivered to you within a week.
  3. designed an information seminar that we will send you details of in due course.

Legislation requires that information on the act be displayed in all workplaces in India. We would request you to display these posters in a prominent place that workers can clearly see and to contact ICC immediately should there be any employees needing assistance. Please see the poster for full contact details.

With thanks,
The Working Committee

(Editors Note: Please also find copies of these posters at the back of this issue of the News&Notes for a wider community’s reach on this important matter)