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27 February 2016

Auroville International – News from the Centres


A very interesting bit of information is coming to us from our Danish liaison, Max Sohrbeck, who is presently in Auroville along with some 30 other members from various AVI Centres. Max told us that he had been contacted by an Indian lady, Anusuya Kumar, who lives and works in Denmark. Ms. Anusuya has been conducting an in-depth study on Johannes Hohlenberg, a Danish painter and publicist (1881 – 1960) who had been daily interviewing Sri Aurobindo during a period in 1916, one hundred years ago, and also painted his portrait. Subsequently he published a book called ‘Yoga og dens betydning for Europa’ (Yoga and its importance for Europe) through which Sri Aurobindo and the Mother became quite known in Scandinavia at the time. The book was translated into Swedish and German, never in English, and currently Ms. Anasuya is working on the publication of her research, ‘Collected Writings on Yoga and Spirituality in Denmark’, a large portion of which is dedicated to Hohlenberg’s work.

On Tuesday 1 March, next week, Ms Anusuya Kumar, who during her writing steadily collaborated with Auroville’s Gilles Guigan, will share with us her interesting research and findings in the Unity Pavilion (see the announcement elsewhere in this N&N). A few days after that she’ll also share her talk in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram.


Possibly prompted by this inspiring occurrence, a long overdue meeting will be held among Scandinavian AVI centres in August this year.


Before flocking to the City of Dawn, some of our major centres took care to have their newsletters ready and sent out into the world. The Netherlands newsletter can be found at [...]; the USA letter by clicking [|], and the German newsletter can be obtained via isa (at) .


The latest USA newsletter shares with us the Centre’s newly formulated Vision statement which is worthwhile mentioning here:

“We believe that humanity’s current ecological, economic, social and spiritual crises call for a new consciousness rooted in an experience of true unity, and that Auroville is and has been a laboratory for the emergency of this new consciousness.”

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