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Auroville Energy Products (AEP) was founded in 1996 by German electronic engineer Carsten. AEP concentrated on 3 aspects:

  • Consultancy on renewable energy technologies with a focus Solar PV systems
  • Capacity building through trainings and interships
  • Component supply of high quality with life cycle service

Over the last 20 years Auroville Energy Products (AEP) has gained vast experience as contract manufacturer for globally known solar electronic companies. The aim was to raise product quality awareness within the domestic market and to provide affordable solar system components with local technical support. In collaboration with local and foreign partners AEP has provided complete solutions for renewable energy systems based on natural resources like solar, wind and water in the region from Eastern Africa to the Pacific.

AEP installs and advises on the use of high quality products for renewable energy, distributes solar energy electronic products - such as solar lamps, charge controllers, inverters and DC appliances to provide a complete solution for solar home systems and solar industrial installations. Its solar installations can be found all over Auroville in residential homes as well as industrial and community buildings. AEP contributed to many experiments and product-developments like solar powered community transport. Experiments regarding energy generation, storage, usage and remote management of energy systems are continuing.


  • Phone: (0413) 262-2581
  • E-mail: aep (at)
  • Address: CARE building, Auroshilpam

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