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Letters on Yoga – IV
“Anger and Violence”

Letters on Yoga IV - Anger and Violence.jpg
PDF (11 pages)

“Nirodbaran: Is Rudrabhava something like Ramakrishna's snake story?

Sri Aurobindo: Not at all. It is not at all a show of anger. It is something genuine – a violent severity against something very wrong. Anger one knows by its feeling and sensation. It rises from below, while Rudrabhava rises from the heart. I shall give you an instance. Once X became very violent, shouting at the Mother and shaking his fists at her. When I heard the shouting, a violent severity came down that was absolutely uncontrollable. I went out and said, “Who is shouting at the Mother? Who is shouting there?” As soon as X heard me, he became quiet.”[1]

“And this true Consciousness, this true Attitude is something so tre-mendous-ly strong, powerful, in such smiling PEACE! So smiling, incapable of getting angry — that's absolutely impossible — so smiling, so smiling ... and watching.”[2]

  1. Talks with Sri Aurobindo, p.33, December 1938
  2. Agenda, 15 February 1969

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