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Auroville Foundation
Auroville Foundation report 2017-18.jpg
PDF (104 pages)
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PDF (200 pages)

Auroville population: 2,844 people from 56 nations.

Auroville observed the 50th Anniversary of its existence this year.

The General Conference of UNESCO passed its fifth resolution on Auroville on October 19th, 2017.

“Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi inaugurated the Symbolic Ceremony of pouring the sacred river waters at the Matrimandir lotus pond. The PM also addressed the Auroville residents and guests after releasing the Commemorative stamps on the 50th Anniversary.”

Secretary Mohan Verghese Chunkath
Governing Board Karan Singh, Prema Nandakumar, Sachindanand Mohanty, Anirban Ganguly, Nirima Oza, Saravana Kumar, Darshana M. Dabral
International Advisory Council none
Working Committee Carel, Hemant L., Inge vA., Mandakini, Partha, Ranjith, Sauro

Donations to Auroville:

FCRA ₹ 2,312,87,000
80 G – General Donation 114,20,000
35 (1) (ii) – Scientific Research 0
35 (1) (iii) – Social Science Research 825,32,000
Other donations 2,685,96,000

Grant-in-aid from Government of India:

Capital ₹ 1,222,98,000
General 413,94,000
Salaries 150,00,000

Income generated by Auroville: ₹ 801,45,000

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