Zone of exchange

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You could read this firstly in Entrance Dreamspace, hosted by Dreamcatchers.

  • Exchanging Energy
  • Exchanging Consciousness
  • Exchanging Momentum and Direction
  • Exchanging Currency for No Currency

Maybe a Zone of Exchange might be a more appropriate term than a Service Zone, and its location could be on the periphery of the Green Belt rather than between the City limit and the Green Belt. This would free up land within the Auroville area for more internal functions and utilize the areas around the access roads for parking and other external facilities such as petrol bunks.

Thus the Zone of Exchange could form part of a ‘Zone of Co-operation’ with the villages and would contain the ‘Transfer Node’ and the ‘Free Bicycle Godown’.

The ‘Zone of Exchange’ should also clearly express Auroville’s ideals, through its architecture and its urban design as well as its planting and spatial qualities, in contrast to much of the development around it.