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Yvonne Artaud, Medhananda's collaborator, was born 1924 in Lyon, France. She was a dental surgeon for young children in Paris before joining the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in 1952. There she became an educator and an artist. She painted and wrote poetry and plays, and collaborated on the quarterly journal =1 ("Equals One").

From 1963 onwards Yvonne was involved in research on the psychology of self-awareness, especially in pre-school children and South Indian primates. In 1978 she founded together with Medhananda the Identity Research Institute in Pondicherry. Author of numerous studies on animal psychology, as well as early childhood education, she is the creator of several innovative teaching-learning materials including the 'Aurograms', a symbol-language to be used as a means of self-expression and communication with very young children from different linguistic backgrounds.[1]

Articles by Yvonne ArtaudYear
=1 "Symphony of Life"1977
=1 "Cloud of Happiness"1977
=1 "Aurodevenir"1974
=1 "Astrogation"1973
=1 "The garden of becoming"1971
=1 "The great sowings"1970
=1 "Auroville our School"1969
=1 "The Univercity"1969
=1 "Facts about Auroville"1969
=1 "Education Unlimited – Electronic"1968
=1 "Education Unlimited – Evolutionary"1968
=1 "Education Unlimited – Unitive"1968
=1 "Education Unlimited – Planetary"1968
=1 "Symbols of the soul"1965

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