Xeriscape township

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You could read this firstly in Green Dreamspace, hosted by Dreamcatchers.

A dry landscape for a Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest region.

In maximising the planting of indigenous species, as well as others which require little or no water, Auroville could become a model for beautiful dry landscaping which could be replicated in many settlements in South India and around the world. Only specific areas would be chosen and highlighted to make more traditional ‘water intensive’ gardens where specific flowers are desired (around Matrimandir for instance, or in other major public areas)

This paradigm allows for maximum TDEF coverage within the city area, whilst also allowing for a focus on dry land farming – not only in and around the Green Belt, but on any of the public green roofs which could be planted with crops. Thus we would become an example model of how to create beautiful landscape with a minimum of excess water and minimal maintenance requirements.