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(Nirodbaran:) “One of the most exciting and significant features of our talks was in connection with the last World War. At its very start, a radio was installed in Sri Aurobindo's room and he used to listen to the war news three or four times a day. Then would follow comments and discussions on the war situation, international politics, India's vital role in the war and other allied topics. There we realised Sri Aurobindo's deep and firm grasp of world-politics and, what was most suprising, his penetrating insight into military affairs. Once someone asked him, “Did you ever use the military genius you seem to have?” He replied briefly, “Not in this life.” Sri Aurobindo could foresee, as it were, the various strategic moves with their immediate or ultimate consequences on the fate of the war. Sometimes he would drop hints as to how by his spiritual force he was guiding, helping and protecting the Allies and safeguarding India's interests.”[1]

“Nirodbaran: Is there an occult influence behind the Allies as there is behind Hitler?

Sri Aurobindo: No, they are all ordinary persons without any such influence pushing them.

Ordinary persons against an Asura? A bad look-out!

There is nobody among them who can receive the Divine Force to counteract the Asuras. The Mother has not found anyone.”[2]

“Sri Aurobindo: All my life I have wanted the downfall of the British Empire, but the way it is being done is beyond all expectation and makes me wish for British victory. And if I want England to win, it is not for the Empire's own sake but because the world under Hitler will be much worse.

Nirodbaran: The world is already getting darker and darker.

Yes, but that has been foreseen.

Satyendra: Foreseen by whom?

Foreseen since the age of the Bible that the Asura will dominate the world for a time.”[3]

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