Vedic and Philological Studies

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Vedic and Philological Studies

Part One: Essays in Vedic Interpretation

The Veda and European Scholarship 3
The Hymns of Madhuchchhandas 5
The Colloquy of Agastya and Indra 20
The Gods of the Veda 24
Ritam 63
A Chapter for a Work on the Veda 80
Note on the Word ''Go'' 99
The Gods of the Veda / The Secret of the Veda 111
A System of Vedic Psychology 161
The Secret of Veda: Introduction 166
A Fragment 196

Part Two: Selected Vedic Hymns

Mandala One 199
Mandala Two 253
Mandala Three 263
Mandala Four 265
Mandala Five 269
Mandala Seven 313
Mandala Eight 315
Mandala Nine 326
Mandala Ten 338

Appendix to Part Two

Selected Verses 343

Part Three: Commentaries and Annotated Translations

Mandala One 349
Mandala Two 394
Mandala Four 414
Mandala Seven 432

Part Four: Vedic Notes

Mandala One 443
Mandala Two 470
Mandala Three 480
Mandala Four 490
Mandala Five 492
Mandala Six 496
Mandala Seven 500
Mandala Eight 504
Mandala Nine 510
Mandala Ten 516

Part Five: Essays and Notes on Philology

Section One: Drafts of The Origins of Aryan Speech

The Origins of Aryan Speech 523
Aryan Origins: Introductory 547

Section Two: Other Writings on Philology

Word-Formation 579
Aryan Origins: The Elementary Roots of Language 581
The An Family 583
Roots in M 591
The Root Mal in Greek 596

Section Three: Philological Notes=

Notes on Root-Sounds 601
Notes on Phonetic Transformations 716
Note on the Texts 719

Notes are paraphrased from the “Publisher's Note” and “Note on the Texts”.

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