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(Poppo on preparing for Auroville's inauguration:) “One morning we were called to practice how to put the soil [into the urn] in alphabetical line, A B C D. It was next to the school. All the hundred and twenty nations had to line up; it took time. I had gotten the German soil in Chennai (it was carried by Lufthansa I think). I was close to the French, because in alphabetical order G comes after F. So we started talking. There was a creeper with blue flowers near the Foyer du Soldat. I went to pick some flowers, small bell-shaped flowers, I gave some to the French people and I kept some. And then I placed my two flowers in the French soil and they put their two in the German earth. We had always been enemies, so it was symbolic, and it was very strong.”[1]

  1. Turning Points: An inner story of the beginnings of Auroville, First Edition, p.60, “The city of my life”

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