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On Education
“The Ascent to Truth”

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      Words of the Mother - II
“Truth and Speech”

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(Sri Aurobindo:) “The Mother’s consciousness is the divine Consciousness and the Light that comes from it is the light of the divine Truth; the Force that she brings down is the force of the divine Truth. One who receives and accepts and lives in the Mother’s light, will begin to see the truth on all the planes, the mental, the vital, the physical. He will reject all that is undivine; the undivine is the falsehood, the ignorance, the error of the dark forces; the undivine is all that is obscure and unwilling to accept the divine Truth and its light and force.”[1]

(Dyuman, 1935:) “My dear Mother,
         I have seen this: the Ashram has no hostile forces; it is filled with the Mother. It is only when we open to these hostile forces, calling them in, that they come and disturb us. If we remained calm, quiet and open to the Divine alone, the life of the Ashram would undergo a very rapid transformation and there would be peace, joy and happiness.

(Mother:) This is quite true. The peace and the happiness are always there.
         With you always.”[2]

(Shyam Sundar:) “The glimpses of Truth have to get enlarged and become constant...

(Mother:) It is a sort of atmosphere of Truth in which one can take refuge as soon as one concentrates, until the moment comes when one lives there constantly, while maintaining a surface activity which no longer affects the consciousness.”[3]

(Satprem to interviewer:) “The ‘truth’ (I don't like that word) is something one breathes. It's like the smell of a plant, like the wind in the trees, you know. It's like a gust of wind at sea. For me, that's what the truth is. It's something that flows, that one can breathe through the pores of one's skin. ...
         I wanted something that would fill me... while walking down the street or drinking scotch if necessary! While doing... while living life, you know! Something that would fill me every second of the day and would depend neither on a Himalaya nor on a monk's garb! I wanted something not dependent on anything.
         And that's where that SWORD – that sword of light that Mother's gaze was – drew me back. Because that was no something that ‘soared upward’ and left you with a feeling of vastness and serenity and... bliss. Quite the contrary, it was something that went DOWN into your flesh and sought to touch something there, in the depths of your being.”[4]

(Disciple:) “How can I become master of myself and keep self-discipline?

(Sri Aurobindo:) Observe yourself so that nothing passes without being conscious of it. Do not allow yourself to be moved by the forces of nature without the inner consent. Obey the Mother’s will always; let your consent or refusal to the movement of forces be in consonance with her Truth.”[5]

(Mother to Mona Sarkar:) “You know, when I was small, very young, I was spontaneously guided towards this inner discovery, which projected me in a world of beauty, of serenity, of love and peace which I perceived as a dream in comparison to this external world. This world of pain, of misery, of suffering, blindly brutal, and its incomprehensible condition where all culminates in an agonising and endless sadness – how it gave me a shiver and made me ill. Nevertheless, it has awakened on the earth, in a world of ignorance, the need to relieve the world of this horrible curse and bring to it happiness, joy, peace and a harmony which no power can disturb, no force or movement unsettle. It is this that I used to see, it is of this that I had a tangible experience, and it is this which pushed me, right from my childhood, towards the realisations so much desired and to the pursuit of my dreams, and which has given me indications to find this truth.
         When I found this truth, it filled me with a conviction that this could be done only by me and the promise of what awaited me. With the assurance and the courage to pursue till the end, I set out and this is what has been revealed to me, and what I have been able to bring down here – the total realisation of the Supramental and consequently the Supramental manifestation upon earth, and with that the promise of a divine life upon earth. It is this that I dreamt of in my childhood, it is this that I have expressed through all that I have undertaken in the course of my terrestrial existence or else of my entire life. Invariably, it is towards this perfection which reveals the divinity in all things that I launched myself, be it in my studies, be it in my games, in all things that I have done, whether it be tennis or anything else, skipping or cycling or any other sport. I have first found why I do it, the causes, and the effects on me, then the attitude, and the true meaning of that which I had undertaken, and finally the truth which was revealed to me behind these activities. In fact, all, all that I have done, was in the quest of the truth behind everything, the divinity which resides, which acts and drives and expresses the will of the Supreme, the manifestation of the Immanent Divine in each thing, each particle of matter.
         It is this – and how many things have been revealed to me. In all that I have done, tried or attempted in the course of this innumerably diversified life, I have found the One who harmonises all things. Nothing was denied to me, nothing was hidden, left to be surmised; I saw all things in the full clarity, in a perfect illumination of the Divine Beatitude, in accordance with the truth behind the things.
         You understand, this divine harmony which governs the world – to find it – that was the purpose; and then to participate in order to rise above and to make it work in all the activities that I have undertaken. It was certainly not to know and to express adequately that I studied, neither was it for the joy of sports that I exercised, nor for the pleasure of dancing, nor did I play music to evoke profound sentiments, nor paint to copy nature or take up art for art's sake. No, all that I have done, it was in order to find the truth behind these things, behind these appearances, to evoke a soul-state, to express these profoundest aspirations, something that this life hides, which this form must reveal some day – the mystery of this Invisible in the abstract and semi-visible forms. …
         Wait, wait and you will see – if you follow this path sincerely – the reality behind each thing: it is nothing but a blossoming of the Divine in his unfolding to find the Truth hidden in all the things of the universe. This is only the beginning. Do not be carried away so quickly by the small visions and the experiences which are still restricted and stifled by your ignorance and your weaknesses. One must widen one's consciousness to have the true perception of things, the truth that they contain, the true beauty, the revelation of the Divine in each atom and in each thing in the entire universe. It is this that is really unforgettable, marvellously perceptible in His splendour, in His ecstasy and His Reality. It is this that opens a new sensibility, a new perception in our creation.”[6]

(Mother to Huta:) “Don't look exteriorly. Always look within yourself and there you will find Love, Peace, Light and Strength.
         Even the Truth cannot manifest without Love. It is only through Love that the Truth manifests. Love is a fire burning in the depths of the heart. Only Love can save you. And the world will open to Love only.
         I always pray to the Lord, “O Supreme Lord, manifest Thy Love...”[7]

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