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Transition School is a primary and middle school for the children of Aurovilians. The school opened in 1985 with about 40 students. Presently about 160 children attend the school, representing 19 countries and various states of India. This cultural diversity has led to a dynamic, creative teaching and learning experience with ample opportunity to appreciate and understand cultural differences.

The school day runs from 8.20am to 3.30pm, and the students participate in a physical education programme after school. This is one of the larger schools of Auroville, with 10+ classrooms, an ‘Awareness Through the Body’ hall, music hall, computer room, library, and arts & crafts centre. English is the medium of instruction, and Tamil and French are also taught as both first and second languages. Some 30-40 Aurovilians assist in the teaching and coordination.

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  • Email: transitionschool (at)
  • Phone: 0413-262-3529

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