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  1. Psychic transformation
  2. Spiritual transformation
  3. Supramental transformation

(Poem by Janina:)

Do not dare

“Do not dare to say that we are not He,
Not the One who is in each proud lone rock
Or, born into flame-souls of the world to be,
Carries up in His tempest even you who mock!
For we are He.
Do not dare to disdain our radiant child-look
When to our Mother who is radiant bliss we cling,
When bent over dark pages of the sacred book,
Only from Her eyes we read, grow under Her wing.
For we are He.
Do not dare to dream that on this sweet black earth
Will be left one corner where we are not!
In us will spread the all-embracing hearth,
The globe immense of love in a tiny dot.
For we are He.”[1]

  1. Janina Stroka, A Captive of Her Love, p.69

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