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Auroville planning documents:

Year PDF Title Author Description
2019 2019 Way Forward collaborative sessions, some results.jpg
PDF (8 pages)
“Auroville – a way forward!” collaborative sessions – some results Auroville International More than 200 people took part in six days of the “Collaborative January Sessions” including Auroville residents, members of Auroville’s key working groups and local projects, and a few regional network partners. A team of international senior town-planners, specialising in healthy placemaking, sustainable masterplanning and collaborative community planning contributed their skills and expertise.
2014 2014 Auroville Residential Zone S1&2 Detailed Development Plan - Luis Feduchi and TDC.jpg
PDF (74 pages)
“Auroville Residential Zone Sector 1 & 2 Detailed Development Plan 2014” Luis Feduchi (Camilo José Cela University, Madrid) in collaboration with TDC The Detailed Development Plan aims to establish a detailed guidance for the future development of all kinds within the RZ S1&2 and is divided into four primary chapters: (1) Land Use; (2) Movement; (3) Density; (4) Urban Form.
2014 2014 Auroville City Area Land Suitability and Land Use Proposal.jpg
PDF (35 pages)
“Auroville city area – Land Suitability and Land Use Proposal” Suhasini and TDC The zoning indicated in the Auroville Master Plan is on the macro level. With the innovations in mapping and geophysical data analysis, it is time to undertake a more detailed land suitability analysis, and work towards more detailed land use specifications within each zone.
2013 2013 Implementation and Development Phasing Programme.jpg
PDF (113 pages)
“Implementation and Development Phasing Programme (IDPP)” + Appendix Bankim Kalra commissioned by TDC A broad framework to develop an integrated and balanced growth strategy for a target population of 5,000 Aurovilians, within a stipulated time frame of 5 years (2013-2018).
2009 2009 Integral Sustainability Platform final report.jpg
PDF (192 pages)
“Integral Sustainability Platform” Batel Dinur and Alon Yakolchik, funded by L’avenir d’Auroville Attempt to develop a platform for collaborative planning in Auroville. 18 sectors under three fields of reference: physical infrastructure, social infrastructure and natural environment. Recommendations from each group.
2007 2007 Auroville City Centre Proposal - Anupama Kundoo.jpg
PDF (124 pages)
“Auroville City Centre Proposal 2007” Anupama Kundoo Proposal for a concentrated development of the City Centre, including accommodation for 5,000 residents. “The small scale of the project provides the testing ground for innovative infrastructural systems and buildings and for learning how to manage the financ­es in a collective way.“
2005 2005 Auroville Mobility - Planning Policy and Design Criteria.jpg
PDF (27 pages)
“Auroville Mobility: Planning Policy and Design Criteria for movement, traffic and roads” Auroville's Future (L'Avenir d'Auroville) This document builds on the “Auroville Mobility Concept” 2001, re-interpreting the information in order to create a set of design guidelines, as indicated and endorsed by the chief architect Roger Anger.
2003 2003 Asia Urbs - Auroville Master Plan Directions for Growth.jpg
PDF (63 pages)
“Auroville Master Plan – Directions for Growth” “Auroville Innovative Urban Management” project funded under the Asia Urbs Programme of the European Commission This plan charts out a road map for the future, indicating directions for its growth in the coming five years, which can lay a strong foundation for realizing the city in a systematic, professional and humane way over the coming two decades.
2001 2001 Auroville Mobility Concept - Hans Billinger and Helmut.jpg
PDF (44 pages)
“Auroville Mobility Concept” Hans Billinger (traffic consultant in Stuttgart, Germany) and Helmut This proposal, by taking the Auroville Master Plan as its starting point, envisages the street as a common space for all, but excludes fast moving vehicular traffic by shifting it to the periphery. An efficient and attractive public transport system is an important precondition.
2001 Auroville Master Plan 2001 (Perspective 2025).jpg
PDF (104 pages)
2001 Master Plan Approval MHRD.jpg
“Auroville Universal Township Master Plan (Perspective 2025)” Prepared by the Auroville Foundation with the assistance of the Town and Country Planning Organisation of the Union Ministry of Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation 1) Description of existing scenario; 2) Development proposals for a population of 50,000 residents; 3) Development regulations to guide its development.
1999 1999 Auroville Master Plan as approved by RA.jpg
PDF (69 pages)
“Auroville Universal Township Integrated Master Plan: Phase 1” (2000-2025) Land Use Coordination, Auroville 1) The Concept of Auroville; 2) Master Plan 2000-2025, a refinement of the plan of February 1968; 3) Implementation and Management.
1969 1969 Detailed Description of the Galaxy Plan.jpg
PDF (12 pages)
“Detailed Description of the Galaxy Plan” Roger Anger Population, housing, zonal activities, roads.

“Living Community Challenge 1.2” (2017)

2017 Living Community Challenge 1-2.jpg
PDF (62 pages)

A cohesive standard pulling together the most progressive thinking from the worlds of architecture, engineering, planning, landscape design and policy.

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